The autumn-winter season has  practically begun and it is interesting to find out how the makeup trends will change for the coldest time of the year. Face, eyes, lips will be the protagonists of a season of smokey eyes as regards the eyes and nude for ever more seductive and luminous lips.

Let’s find out more closely in the new post dedicated to the Mind & Body category, edited by our portal. 

Autumn-winter makeup: face and eyebrows

The skin of the face and the eyebrows represent the good starting point for any self-respecting makeup. For the next winter season, the trend is that of a face base capable of maintaining naturalness and giving brightness to our skin. The complexions will be almost transparent, opaque only where necessary and luminous albeit discreet, capable of not going unnoticed. We will continue to see the eyebrows we got used to during the summer, ie the so-called Soap Brows , or “soapy”: shiny and with a hairstyle that points “upwards”. 

Let’s go now to find out more about eye makeup for the autumn-winter season. Keep reading the next paragraph to find out more!

Eye makeup for autumn-winter

The eyes are the mirror of the soul and will continue to be the center of attention, therefore among the main makeup trends of the next autumn and winter season. First of all, the gloss effect on the eyelid that will tend to give and, in some sense continue, the search for “nature” beauty started with skin make-up will be very popular.

The colors with which the eyes will be made up will, however, also be those that recall the timeless smokey eyes , and therefore gray and black, perfectly matched and shaded together. The eyeliner will be another of the undisputed protagonists of the new makeup trends for the next autumn-winter season, on the Beauty side. Specifically, black will continue to dominate even if other colors will also be welcome, including cobalt blue that will highlight the color and eye makeup to the maximum. Even with the aforementioned smokey eyes, although this already highlights a lot of the wearer’s gaze, eyeliner can also be applied.

The trend of the moment among makeup artists recommends double application: on the lower and upper rims. 

Lip makeup: the overbearing return of the nineties thanks to the nude effect

Remember the purely nude style that was fashionable in the late nineties?

The lip makeup trends for the autumn-winter 2021-2022 season seem to want to focus on this style again. In fact, “nude” lips will be in fashion, for which the contours outlined by a slightly darker pencil will remain more evident. A warm and enveloping tone, therefore, that will continue to keep us company, after having depopulated during the entire summer season. But that’s not all: the trend for the imminent future also speaks of an overwhelming reaffirmation of lipsticks with an intense and decisive color . Shades such as purple and burgundy will be perfect, even if red, which has always been one of the most irresistible and sexy shades, will continue to be at the top in women’s lip choices. Even the most opaque shades of lipsticks, however, it seems they will have an easy life during the cold season and will also be a fashionable must, to be followed carefully. In any case, since we will still have to live with the obligation of the mask for a long time, the choice of lipsticks (or glosses, for those who prefer them) rigorously long-lasting and retouch-proof is recommended.