Horse racing is one of the most special and massive sports in the world . This is because their main source of economic support is gambling. For this reason, we are going to explain in this article where to watch horse racing today (live), how to bet and on what pages to do so.
In addition, we will briefly explain what horse racing is, showing some video examples and how to interpret the results of this exciting and intense sport, also known as Turf (horse riding).

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What are horse racing?
The origin of horse racing lies in English lands, specifically in the countryside of England. The real name of these races is turf, which means grass in English.
Although we can go back to the ancient Greeks, where horse racing already appears in some fables, the truth is that in various locations of this ancient civilization they practiced this fast-paced sport that sometimes claimed a life, due to the risks and high speeds at which the riders ran.
Back then, the race consisted of going around the circus 7 times ., while the chariots were tied to two horses. The car itself was extremely light to increase the maximum speed that could be achieved, but this often turned the vehicle into a moral trap. Horse racing videos
Here are some examples of horse racing. In order to understand it better, we have chosen several horse racing videos in which you can see the different modalities.
In this first full-length video, we highlight its informal nature as it takes place in a makeshift racetrack in Mexico. A very recent video from last March. The goal in this video is to sprint across a long street as quickly as possible .
The following horse racing video is very different. We warn that it is in English.
Here we see the famous Pegasus World Cup of 2017, which was won by Arrogate , one of the most famous riders (also known as Jockeys) on the current scene.
Finally, we present this latest horse racing video for providing a different vision, since it is recorded in the first person from the vision of the rider.
You will be able to enjoy the entire route that the fast rider makes, as well as some overtaking and of course, the initial and tense start , which is usually one of the most critical and decisive moments of the entire competition. Where to watch horse racing today
There are several places where you can see today’s horse races, to be informed day by day and live . Some of the sites we recommend are:
One of the most important horse racing websites in the world. A place where you can bet not only on this fast sport, but on many other sports. There will also be news, announcements and varied information that will surely interest you. The only problem is that the horse racing section is in English, with the name “Horse Racing”.
Like the previous page, William Hill allows you to place bets on an exorbitant amount of sports. There are also live broadcasts.and the option to bet while watching the broadcasts.
If what you are looking for is to bet without more, bet365 is a website specialized in this. It has almost all the sports you can bet on. cycling, darts, eSports, greyhound racing, golf, etc.
One of the number one portals in the world, where it is easy, convenient and fast to bet on horse racing, as well as insurance. Betting on horse racing
There are a wide variety of ways to bet on horse racing. You must bear in mind that it is a complex art that requires a lot of knowledge and, despite what they may say, it is not an exact science. There is always a (large) margin of error that can make you lose all your money.
Betting always involves risks, and always, the more risk you take, the more money you can win. There are two types of bets with different subtypes: Direct bets
They are the easiest to understand and with which we recommend starting. There is no mystery, if you are correct in your predictions, you win the amount plus the benefits. Otherwise, you lose everything. 1. To the winner The “classic” bet in horse racing. Bets on the horse that will win the race. 2. To the second
Bets on a horse that can be in first or second position. Less risks than the previous one, but also less benefits. Regardless of whether he is in first or second position. 3. To the third
It follows the same idea as “to the second”. In this case, “your horse” can be in the first, second or third position when the horse race ends. 4. Placed
Also known as place, it consists of betting on a horse that will be in a specific position . That is, you can bet 10 dollars on the Pegasus horse to be in fifth place.
In this way we can say that betting on the winner is a type of “placed” in which you bet on the first position. Combination
bets Involves betting on several horses at the same time. 1. Exacta
Two horses are selected and you bet that one of them will be first and the other second. You will only win if all this is fulfilled. It is much more risky but gives many benefits. 2. Imperfect
Like the exact bet in horse racing, the imperfect consists of choosing two horses that must finish in first and second position, but you do not have to specify which will be in each position. 3. Trifecta
The idea is the same as the exact bet, but instead of two horses, with three, each horse having to be assigned to one of the first three positions. 4. Cuatrifecta It is the same as the trifecta, but with 4 horses . Within the world of horse racing it is one of the rarest and most risky. Characteristics of winning horses
Despite the fact that speed is the first thing that is sought (according to popular belief) in horses, the truth is that there are other decisive factors to win a horse race.
Among them, the balance of the horse is fundamental when we talk about reaching high speeds . Likewise, more (we could say) psychological traits of the horse also play a significant role, such as its character or temperament, although not as important.
Both mares and male horses can participate in the races. In general, purebred animals are sought, but the truth is that it is not necessary to be a purebred to be a champion.. Combinations of an almost infinite number of genes can give exceptional horses regardless of this factor.
In general, in addition to the Thoroughbred, other breeds that are very suitable for competitions are the Quarter Horse and the Akhal Teke.