The audiovisual giant is already warming up engines to put the first, step on the accelerator and burn the wheel of the starting mark, because summer is already around the corner, and the competition of the blockbusters will be a key indicator of how it will fare the year to the production company with its new feature films.
And what is one of the most anticipated premieres of the DC universe
Again, the sequel starring the most famous Amazon of the Justice League: ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ will undoubtedly be one of the hits of the summer season.

‘Wonder Woman 1984’: new poster, another decade
It’s a chapter of its own, a completely new movie. It is not a sequel. It is its own story.”This was one of the main lines commented by the protagonist, Gal Gadot (‘Triple 9’, ‘Criminal’, ‘Appearances are deceiving’) who would repeat the role of Diana Prince (and for a while).
Making a comparison with what was commented by the director herself, again, Patty Jenkins (‘Five’, ‘Entourage: El Entourage’, ‘Arrested Development’), we see a high coincidence between what the actress said and the words of Jenkins: “(…) this is a completely independent film from the previous one, so there is no intention of making a trilogy or saga dependent on previous films.”
The poster of this new installment, in its multicolored tones and the gold of Gadot’s armor , will record the kitsch culture of the 80s, as well as its pop connotation in a historical-cultural framework in which Jenkins already developed in ‘Monster’ (2003).
From the little that has been leaked from the plot, it will also be contextualized during the last stretch of the cold war between the US and the USSR , addressing the Reagan administration, where an old friend of Prince would have made a pact with a divinity, selling his soul to her to obtain unparalleled power, thus becoming the villain of this new film.
Poster for ‘Wonder Woman 1984’. | DC Comics.

An impressive cast
The first installment of ‘Wonder Woman’ had a star cast, including renowned actors such as David Thewlis (Fargo III), Elena Anaya (‘The Skin I Live In’), Danny Huston (‘You Don’t Know Jack’), Connie Nielsen (‘Gladiator’), or famous actors for works of enormous impact at the box office, Chris Pine (‘Comancheria’) or Ewen Bremmer (‘Trainspotting 2’). Even with that, it wasn’t an excessively massive cast; in ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ things change a lot.
The massive collection obtained by the first installment of the Amazon reached a total of 821 million , so Warner this time will throw all the meat on the grill with a cast, almost choral, and with a duration, for sure, superior to that of the previous film (141 minutes).

New faces, also of enormous weight in the industry , will join the cast of the previous installment: Kristen Wiig (Mother!’), who will play the villain of the film, Robin Wright (‘House of Cards’), Pedro Pascal ( ‘Narcos’), Bern Collaco (‘Rocketman’), Ravi Patel (‘Paddleton’) or the first Wonder Woman on the small screen, Lynda Carter.

Release date

We will be able to attend the return of the Gadot-Jenkins tandem , although the production company has already started the promotional work, on June 20, 2020 . In principle, the premiere was going to be this 2019, but various problems have led to delaying the date for another year. Wonder Woman fans will have to be patient.
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