The Costa Smeralda in Sardinia is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and evocative tourist destinations in Italy and it is no coincidence that tourists from all over the world arrive here every year in the summer. We are talking about an exclusive stretch of coast, chosen by many celebrities and particularly renowned but not for this to be avoided. In fact, if on the one hand on the Costa Smeralda we can find many avant-garde services, on the other the most suggestive beaches and coves have remained uncontaminated. Furthermore, with the fast ferry Civitavecchia Olbia we can reach the island in just 5 hours of crossing (8 if we decide to make the journey at night) so the travel times are not exaggerated. In short,the Costa Smeralda has many advantages on its side and the beaches that we can find in these parts are truly incredible. 

4 beaches not to be missed on the Costa Smeralda

Let’s see the most beautiful and evocative beaches of the Costa Smeralda, not to be missed. 

  • # 1 Cala Capriccioli

The wonderful Cala Capriccioli is located north of Porto Aranci and Porto Rotondo and is undoubtedly the most beautiful beach on the Costa Smeralda. Unfortunately it is not very big and in the high season it is often very crowded , but it is still worth seeing it even just for the contrast between the rocks, the white sand, the rich surrounding vegetation and the crystal clear water. Cala Capriccioli is also very popular because it can be reached comfortably and is served by a convenient parking lot which is located just a few meters from the beach. It is therefore also ideal for families with children. 

  • # 2 Elephant beach

Those who love the wildest and most unspoiled coves cannot miss the elephant beach because it is a real earthly paradise! It is located in the stretch of coast that goes from Cala Capriccioli to Cala di Volpe and is much less crowded than the previous one, also because it is more difficult to reach. Here there are no convenient parking spaces and no other type of service: it is an uncontaminated cove that offers unique emotions and deserves to be seen. It can also be reached by sea, with a short swim. 

  • # 3 The beaches of Pevero

The Pevero beaches are among the most famous of the Costa Smeralda, also because they are located a few kilometers away from Porto Cervo. Both coves (the Grande Pevero and the Piccolo Pevero) are characterized by a very fine white sand, a shallow seabed and an impressive emerald green sea. In these parts you will find all the services and are therefore perfect beaches also for families with children because a few meters away you have everything available: restaurants, shops, bars, hotels and so on. 

  • # 4 Liscia Ruja beach

Liscia Ruja beach is one of the most popular with tourists who flock to the Costa Smeralda and it is also the largest: an expanse of 500 meters. Here too the sand is very white and the water is crystal clear. Despite being one of the most popular, Liscia Ruja beach is so wide that it is difficult to find it overly crowded. The services are not lacking therefore and also perfect for families with small children.