Just a few hours before the premiere of season 3 of ‘Divorce’, the series with which Sarah Jessica Parker returned to HBO after ‘Sex and the City’, the subscription channel has announced that there will not be a fourth . We tell you what the last season of this comedy about the wear and tear of marriage and family life will be like.

The third and final season of ‘Divorce’
premieres In October 2016, one of the most anticipated premieres arrived, that of the series ‘Divorce’. And not precisely because of its plot: the criticism was quite divided and criticized, for example, with the quality of a fairly flat script. What gave this series packaging was the return of Sarah Jessica Parker to HBO after ‘Sex and the City’.
The main plot was not bad: Sarah Jessica Parker carries the interpretive and plot weight of the series , putting herself in the shoes of the character of Francis, a wife and mother who, after more than ten years married and with two children, begins to rethink her life and, above all, the eroded relationship with her husband Robert (Thomas Haden Church).
There were already some signs that warned that the end of this series could be near, especially since the time change (the fiction stopped broadcasting on Sundays in prime time and was relocated to Mondays), but also knowing that the season 3 will have two episodes less than the first two.
‘Divorce’ is a series created by Sharon Horgan, and although it has an undeniable informative and artistic value, it often exposes some errors as a comedy that could not hide or the attractiveness of Sarah Jessica Parker. The script was somewhat flat, without the ability to go deeper, and the characters were too cold.

What is ‘Divorce’ season 3 about?
Nothing more and nothing less than 16 months after the end of the second season, ‘Divorce’ returns with new changes that Francis will have to face, who now lives in another city while dealing to combine her professional career with her role as a mother .
The characters of the ‘Divorce’ series arrive this July at the end of their journey | HBO
Also, the character of Sarah Jessica Parker tries to fightagainst the advice that Jackie , her ex-husband Robert’s new partner, gives their children.
In the third season trailer we can see Francis introducing his new boyfriend Henry at a tense dinner with his ex Robert and his girlfriend Jackie. We can also see several scenes in which Francis and Robert try to cope with the new changes in the family structure , both pursuing a common goal: the well-being of their children. Will they make
it For the last batch of episodes it seems that there will be quite a few surprises that will test the new divorced life of Francis and Robert, and among other changes, the last six chapters change showrunners and all the weight will fall on Liz Tuccillo .
Along with the usual cast, completed by Molly Shannon , Becki Newton , Talia Baldam , Sterling Jerins and Charlie Kilgore , the series adds James Lesure (‘Las Vegas’) to the cast as a new love interest for the role of Parker.

Release date
Last May, HBO released the official trailer for the third season, and now has just announced that this will be the last installment. The subscription television channel will not renew ‘Divorce’ for a fourth season , so fans of the series can prepare to find out how Francis and Robert’s marriage will end, starting on July 1 .

  • Release date: ‘Divorce’ returns with a new trailer for season 3.

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