Hair is one of the most effective weapons of seduction. If this concept applies to women, it can also be transposed to the male universe. In fact, man takes a lot of care of his hair and is increasingly attentive to what are the cuts that are most in fashion and to which, therefore, it would be good to be inspired to always have a look in step with the times. 

Men’s haircuts: his favorite ones

The trends for men’s haircuts seen so far have fully confirmed what were the “assumptions” of last year. And this goes for both short and long hair, then passing through the fascinating shaved and graying. 

Let’s see together what are the main men’s haircuts also based on the type of hair he has:

  • Short hair is a must for the male universe and fashion trends (both future and current ones) prove it. The looks that you can find your way around are among the most diverse. Among those that, however, have gone and are the most popular are the cuts with short hair and side shading . The shaving on the sides should be about 3 cm even if the choice will depend on face to face;
  • Long hair necessarily needs some more “attention”. In general, the trend is the one shown by many VIPs and international stars who in recent months have returned to choosing long and “rebellious” cuts;
  • Choosing a cut with shaved hair is the best solution for those who do not have too much time to devote to their hair but do not want, for this reason, to appear unkempt;
  • The grizzled hair has always been synonymous with great charm and sensuality. It is one of the musts of the moment. The advice is to always combine short cuts without, however, greatly reducing the length;

The most popular cuts in 2021

The most popular men’s haircuts in this end of 2021 are essentially two . We have already seen them in reality during the spring and summer and we will see them, according to the latest trends, even during the coldest season of the year. The cuts will be shaved, shaded, scaled along the length. The predominant concept is that of blending long and short hair so that man does not have to spend hours and hours in front of the mirror trying to give them a grace. Have you ever heard of grooming ? Probably yes if you know about fashion but you may have heard this term even in dog grooming salons.

For what reason?

Simply because grooming is nothing more than a uniform cut with which the coats of some dog breeds (such as the Maltese) are “arranged”. Combining cut and shading is therefore a real trend that has passed from dog salons to hairdressing salons for men. The only flaw? Duration. To maintain the effect it is necessary to touch up the work at least every 14-20 days.

Another cut for men that is going great is the so-called Mullet , fished directly from the legendary Eighties . A rebellious and punk cut brought to success by U2 who sported it on the most important stages in the world. Today the Mullet is a cut that always gives volume and rebellion to the hair but that can be “revised” according to your needs. Therefore, a dosage of volume and length is possible. In addition, to embellish everything, if desired, it is possible to apply  some even more trendy shaving .