What is Street Style?

Even if today street style is proposed by the most famous fashion brands, it actually comes from the bottom. In fact , as the name glued to it suggests, it is street fashion, which nourishes itself in an autonomous and unconventional way. Wide jeans, technical trousers, cropped tops and sneakers are all elements that make up street style, a trend that loves to combine the typical details of the most disparate styles.  

But when and how was street style born? Let’s take a look at the history of this trend in the following lines. 

History and origins of street style

Street fashion arises from the natural evolution of urban fashion trends: therefore it does not draw inspiration from the catwalks or from fashion brands, but from the changes proposed by people from time to time, observable with a simple walk around the city. It is therefore a fashion that was born from the youngest and not the greatest fashion designers, mostly in big cities, such as London, New York, Milan or Paris. This style unites young people who live in large urban contexts and is then amplified all over the world.

The urban style, destined to become a real trend, was born for the first time in London: to favor its birth and the non-conformism of the 60s, which pushes millions of young people to experiment with their own style, far from influences of the big brands. 

The first to take an interest in this mass phenomenon, which pushes consumers to move independently, was Bill Cunningham, a well-known photographer of the New York Times, who used to portray the streets of Manhattan and the people who populated the Big Apple in his shots. at that time. You could already notice then a mix, a meltin pot, they are not of different cultures, but also in the ways of dressing. And one style influenced the other.

The influence of social networks

The urban phenomenon, however, returned with greater force about 10 years ago. Clearly, social networks have also favored his return – and consequent success. In fact, there are many Instagram influencers who have become famous thanks to the hashtag #streetstyle. 

With the participation of the very young, even the most well-known brands have begun to take an interest in the phenomenon. 

Street style is therefore currently one of the most popular trends of the moment. 

But what does an outfit that follows street fashion consist of? Let’s find out in the next paragraph, in our appointment with style. 

The rules of street style

To build an outfit in full street style you need to be inspired both by the world of rap but also by the world of hip hop.

The urban male outfit, for example, includes sweatshirts with strong visual impact, colorful and extra-large prints. 

The clothing must be combined with sneakers, both for women and men, characterized by bright and bright colors.

Accessories should not be missing, such as the iconic cotton hats with visors.

Those who prefer to wear jeans, but do not want to give up the street style, must choose, for example, ripped jeans, both in winter and in summer. Also appreciated are skinny jeans to combine with comfortable ankle boots.