We’ve all experienced those days when you seem to  lack the inspiration and motivation  to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself, needing to find a reason to keep pushing.

If you have also had those moments in which it seems that nothing you do is enough to  be better and achieve your goals , we want to bring you the best psychology phrases to inspire you. These have been carefully selected so that they can motivate anyone who wears them and give them the encouragement they need to continue with their day to day and fulfill all their dreams.

As you can see, they are almost all  famous quotes from well-known and/or famous people  who achieved their goals even in those moments when it seemed that they had everything against them. For this reason, we recommend that you read them when necessary and that you choose the one that most applies to your case, so that you can internalize it and use it as a  mantra to convince yourself  that everything will be better, as the motivational specialists at InstitutoSomosValencia recommend. it is.

30 phrases to inspire people

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living  someone else ‘s life .” Steve Jobs.

“I have failed over and over and over again in my life. Precisely for that reason  I was successful .” Michael Jordan.

“We  become  what we think about.” Earl Nightingale.

“The best time to plant a tree was  twenty years ago ; the second best time is  now .” Chinese proverb.

“Follow your  heart , but don’t forget to take your  brain with you .” Alfred Adler.

“If you don’t bother to  work for your dreams , someone else will end up hiring you to work  for theirs .” Steve Jobs.

“People don’t care who they ask for advice. I only bother to receive advice from those people who  are where I want to be ”. Robert Kiyosaki.

The mind is like a  parachute : it only works when it opens.

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t,  you’re right .” Henry Ford.

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, the same goes for showers, that’s why we take  them every day ”. Zig Ziglar.

“There are  two days  that are the most important in your life: the first is the day you are born and the second is the day you discover why you were born.” Mark Twain.

“You  are what you do , not what you say you will do.” C. G. Jung.

“Emotions that are not expressed never die. They are  buried alive  and come out later in much worse forms.” Sigmund Freud.

“If an individual is intellectually passive  , he will not be  morally free .” Jean Piaget.

“All people  speak of the mind  without hesitation for a minute, but are perplexed when asked to define it.” BF Skinner.

“When we take time to notice the things that are going well for us, it means that we are receiving  small rewards  throughout the day.” Martin Seligman.

“One has the  obligation  to become what he can become.” Abraham Maslow.

“I’m not in this life to meet  other people’s expectations  , nor do I feel like the world should meet mine.” Fritz Pearls.

“Sometimes we have to make a decision and we don’t and this, in itself, is already making  a decision ”. William James.

“There are  two ways  to be happy in this life: one is to play the idiot and the other to be.” Sigmund Freud.

“I guess it’s  tempting to  treat everything like a  nail , especially if the only tool you have is a  hammer .” Abraham Maslow.

“If you want to truly understand something, you just have to  try to change it .” Kurt Levin.

“The real problem is not  if machines think , but if men do.” BF Skinner.

“The word “ happiness ” would lose its meaning if it is not balanced with  sadness ”. C. G. Jung.

“There is a lot of  randomness  in the decisions that people make.” Daniel Kahnman.

”  Creativity  is closely related to our ability to find new answers to  old problems .” Martin Seligman.

“We constantly find  great opportunities  that are brilliantly masked by intractable problems.” Margaret Mead.

“Time spent in the company of  cats  is never wasted.” Sigmund Freud.

“False optimism sooner or later turns  into disappointment, anger and despair .” Abraham Maslow.

”  Education  survives when what has been learned is forgotten.” BF Skinner.