How beautiful it is to get a smile on your children ‘s face . A gift, a cuddle, an extra attention, all to make the little ones of the house happy.

But beware of too many vices ! Getting children used to always being right or to be treated like real princes will certainly not help them in everyday life and in comparison with their peers.

In a society that almost requires them to offer them even more than they should than their young age, keeping the offspring on the right path becomes a real undertaking for every parent. Let alone when you think of the children of the VIPs , who not only have everything, but also more than imaginable.

Accustomed to the good life from the early years of their existence, they do not hesitate to make really extravagant requests to mum and dad who immediately satisfy them. Let’s find out together the crazy and expensive vices of the children of 8 famous couples:

1) Nathan Falco Briatore

The son of the GregoraciBriatore couple , Nathan Falco was used to long holidays on the family yacht from an early age . In fact, when the Guardia di Finanza seized the entrepreneur’s boat , the whole family was forced to stay on dry land and this would have greatly disturbed the heir ‘s sleep . According to what was declared by mother Elisabetta to Diva and woman , little Nathan, so used to being lulled by the gentle waves of the sea, could not fall asleep on dry land.

2) Blue Ivy Carter

Little Blue Ivy , the daughter of Beyonce and Jay-Z , is truly a princess. Despite her tender age, she can boast a huge collection of diamonds thanks to the gifts from mom and dad. Less than two years old, the couple’s daughter was given a  Barbie studded with these precious stones. Really very, very expensive, in fact, the estimated value is 60 thousand euros . But the surprises don’t stop there. For the third birthday of Blue Ivy, mother Beyonce and papa Jay-Z gave the little one a real diamond crown worth 36 thousand euros and a thronefrom 10 thousand euros .

3) Zachary ed Elijah Furnish Jhon

Do you remember when as a child two chairs and a couple of blankets were enough to build your own little house? Well, that’s not the case with the little brothers Zachary and Elijah , children of the formed couple David Furnish and Elton Jhon . In fact, the two popes bought a small house worth 900 thousand euros in Beverly Hills for their children. It was initially bought only for the first son Zachary who later had to share it with his younger brother. The two siblings who are lovingly cared for by the nannies, spend time in the little house that has been transformed into a real nursery .

4) Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon

The daughter of the singer Madonna , Lourdes Maria is now a young woman and as such cares a lot about her appearance. With a weekly allowance of 10 thousand euros , in addition to afford the most expensive beauty treatments on the market, she has at her disposal a personal stylist who takes care of renewing her wardrobe according to the new trends of the season. Beautiful and with attention to the smallest details, Lourdes Maria goes to school every morning in her luxurious Di lei limousine .

5) Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz e Harper Beckham

Every good parent must always offer the best to their children. Obviously David and Victoria Beckham are no different. In fact, the couple’s children, Brooklyn , Romeo and Cruz take dance lessons directly from the great R&B dancer and singer Usher . The three boys and little Harper also have a tree house worth $ 20,000 in which a $ 50,000 telescope has been mounted to scan the stars at any time you want.

6) Emme e Maximiliam Muniz

The two twins sons of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony , the little ones Emme and Maximiliam have a private beach where they can usually go and play safely away from prying eyes. In addition, on mum Jennifer ‘s private jet they have a large games room set up with all the comforts so as not to make them bored during long flight journeys.

7) Suri Cruise

Little VIP baby Suri , daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes , was given a credit card at the tender age of 4. Now that she has grown up at your disposal, she has a monthly allowance of 1,000 . Among her passions, her shoes are a bit crazy : strictly with heels , from a very young age! Recently, however, Mom Katie is trying to give her a humbler, less expensive education.

8) The Brangelina Tribe

How to deny a cute pet to your children? Obviously Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie  (who made their breakup public in 2016) did more. In fact, they transformed the garden of their estate in Miraval into a real zoo , with many small and harmless animals.

9) The twins Moroccan and Monroe Cannon

Even pop star Mariah Carey seems to have spared no expense to make her twins happy , Moroccan and Monroe, born from the marriage that ended in December 2014 with rapper and actor Nick Cannon. In fact, it seems that Mariah Carey has spent about 1 million dollars to furnish the “bedroom” of her children!

10) The firstborn of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Little North, eldest daughter of the famous couple Kim Kardashian-Kanye West , would be a big fan of Michael Jackson and it seems that mom and dad couldn’t help but indulge this great passion of hers. In fact, last year, the couple would have given to little North born in 2013 the jacket of the King of pop music, bought at an auction for 60 thousand dollars , as a Christmas gift.