Armpit care: the underarm area is a very delicate area of ​​the body, which needs the right attention to ensure that painful irritation or annoying redness does not form. 

The choice of deodorant , in this regard, undoubtedly plays a leading role, as often the skin is stressed by some of the ingredients present in the formulations, such as alcohol and chemicals .

It will then be essential to rely on dermocosmetics free of these elements , for example opting for natural and alcohol-free deodorants ideal for the armpits proposed by Borotalco , a real reference point in the sector, always committed to the creation of innovative products and at the same time able to fully respect all skin types .

Why choose natural and alcohol-free deodorants

Alcohol is a solvent often used in cosmetics because it has a bactericidal power ; however, it can also lead to skin irritation, which is why – in recent years – there is an increasing tendency to choose products that are free of it .

The same goes for chemical ingredients , such as parabens and aluminum salts, which are completely absent in the formulations of natural deodorants. In particular, the aluminum salts inside an armpit deodorant have the task of keeping sweating under control, blocking it if excessive, but they could in turn inflame and lead to hypersensitivity of the sweat glands. Furthermore, it is good to remember that the anti-perspiration action is now largely contraindicated, as it prevents the body from carrying out a completely physiological action such as sweating.

A natural, alcohol-free deodorant, on the other hand, does not hinder this mechanism, acting directly on sweat . For example, talc-based products are particularly suitable, as this ingredient has a strong absorbing capacity and at the same time is able to release a pleasant fragrance and keep the skin dry for longer.

Furthermore, it is a highly recommended product also because it reduces the possibility of allergic reactions occurring upon application, as the most common allergens are excluded from the ingredients of its formulations. 

Among the natural ingredients that give a good scent to alcohol-free armpit deodorants we find, for example, floral elements , such as freesia and rose, but also citrus fruits , such as very fresh lime and even neroli, particularly appreciated by women. There is no shortage of more musky essences , particularly suitable for men’s or even woody skins. Other widely used ingredients are aloe vera, which also has an emollient action, and mint.

Armpit deodorant: spray, roll-on or stick?

It will also be very important to choose the deodorant format that best suits your needs: as is known, it is possible to choose stick, roll-on or spray products. 

The spray format guarantees full compliance with hygiene in the event that the product is intended for shared use, as can happen in the family or between roommates.

The roll-on and stick formats , on the other hand, are perfect for individual use and are also very popular as travel products , as they are small in size, ideal for inserting any kind of beauty case without problems.

In detail, the roll-on has a liquid consistency upon application, a factor that makes it particularly recommended for particularly sensitive depilated skin . The stick, on the other hand, has a more solid consistency and allows you to better adjust the amount of product to be allocated to the underarm area.

Naturally, it is good to remember to dry the skin perfectly , following daily cleansing, before applying the deodorant: in this way, in fact, it will be perfectly retained by the skin, regardless of the format that is preferred in the choice phase.