“Men Going Their Own Way”, according to its English translation Men Going Their Own Way
For these men, trying to seduce a woman has become a kind of competition in which the one who offers more and sells better wins. . Faced with this reality, many have lost faith and have decided to abandon this obstacle course; diverting the focus of your attention to other vital objectives.
The MGTOW current ended up taking shape in Internet forums dedicated to users sharing their experiences as a group therapy, as well as the reasons that have led them to embrace this philosophy; generally bad experiences with women or adding too many sentimental and/or sexual failures. Sometimes the reason for everything is nothing more than shyness or laziness.
In the following sections we are going to try to delve deeper into the details about this new current of non-conformist thought with the established sentimental status quo.

Arguments of the Men Going their Own Way
For the MGTOW it is a reality that part of the current generation of men is losing interest in conventional relationships and feeling rejection for establishing any type of affective bond; much less for wanting to get married.
For these disappointed and hopeless men, love (if such a thing exists) has no meaning and they do not consider that there can be anything positivein a sentimental relationship. As they say, establishing relationships has become too difficult. The will to prove their worth so that the female sex notices them is no longer a motivation to interact with them, since the fear of rejection is something very powerful that they are no longer willing to tolerate.
Another sustained argument that is linked to this low tolerance for rejection is the perception of the social environment as hostile and debilitating. Some of these young men can’t handle the embarrassment that results from making a false step in trying to approach a girl, so their only option is to withdraw. If we also add the thought that some have assumed as true that “only men who are worth are those who have a partner” , their shyness increases.
For all this, the followers of MGTOW have decided to dedicate the efforts they would otherwise have devoted to meeting girls, to developing other types of passions and hobbies that bring them more benefits. After all, what they come to propose from the movement is that: stop wasting time and energy looking for potential partners or lovers and that those who are tired of getting sentimental disappointments carry out more satisfying activities.

Principles of the MGTOW
These would be broadly speaking the bases on which the MGTOW movement is based:

  1. Men are not protectors, breadwinners or sexual objects of women

This ideology frontally rejects the stereotypes about culturally imposed roles, in which men are categorized as caregivers and economic supporters of their partners ; something that even many women continue to expect from them.

  1. It is a position of self-protection and respect

Faced with the ridicule and derision that men often suffer from some women, the movement arises to claim the respect that seems to have been lost and thus recover the value as people that we all deserve.

  1. No fair play
    We go our own way

Translated: “if there is no fair play, we will go our own way”. In other words, if certain conceptions that are taken for granted about men do not change and the treatment does not improve, the option that remains is to disown women .

Are the MGTOWs committed to celibacy
? Not necessarily. As in any doctrine, there are those who take its precepts to the letter and others who are more flexible, so that in the case of the MGTOW the same thing happens. Some completely deny women and sex, while seeking refuge in developing other hobbies. The problem is that some compulsively fall into the consumption of pornography, excessive masturbation or video games. Other MGTOW simply choose to seek casual or paid sex with no desire to get involved in a relationship.
Nor does the MGTOW current suggest its followers take refuge in homosexual sex ; because although there would be nothing wrong with it, their proposals have nothing to do with it. It is simply that those who are willing, give up their efforts to get sex with women and thus focus on other activities that fill them more. Now, let each one manage it as they please and sleep with whoever they please, we are not going to judge anyone either.

Who are behind the MGTOW
Within the group of men who have chosen this particular way of life, there are as many stories as there are a variety of people in the world. Browsing the MGTOW cyber platforms, one finds stories ranging from withdrawn and insecure young men who are not able to start a conversation with any girl (much less flirt); to adults who, after a long relationship (many are even divorced), have chosen to continue the journey of life alone .
The lack of experience of the former in the art of flirting, added to the stories of disenchantment and breakups of the latter, serves as an illustration to the new waves of young people that it is not convenient for them to bond with any woman, much less get married. or have children. This differentiates them from other colleagues of similar ages who are still hoping to find a girl with whom to formalize something serious.
For those people who are not in favor of the current and who see in it a kind of anti-women sect, these individuals are nothing more than sexual frustratedand repressed people who get together and join forces to compensate for these deficiencies, thus giving a feeling of unity and strength. However, we believe that the movement goes beyond simply being a redoubt where the ill-fated participants turn their anger against those who have led them to turn their backs on the female sex.

Is the MGTOW movement misogynistic
As always, there will be those who think yes and no. In principle, it is not an ideology that criminalizes women or points them out as guilty of the situation in which many men find themselves, it is simply committed to a lifestyle that does not give importance to sentimental ties or that already finds no appeal in mating.
There may be undesirables who hide behind the MGTOW and see in the movement a way to justify their hatred of women, justified by the increase in supporters; but it is not something that is proposed per se or that is implicit. The problem is that people who are too suspicious have a great ability to distort according to what proposals and use them at will as they see fit to reinforce their beliefs.
And let it be known that the latter is especially aimed at both those who believe they have found in the MGTOW a kind of therapeutic group where they can take refuge while spitting bile against women, as well as for those who are on the other side of the rope and consider that a group of men decides to go his own way aloneIt is equivalent to some kind of sexist discrimination.