Monica Bellucci: the beginnings

Monica Bellucci was born in Citta di Castello on 30 September 1964. Her family is of humble origins: her father Pasquale is employed in a transport company while her mother Brunella Briganti is a housewife. 

Monica grew up in a hamlet of San Giustino and took a classical diploma in Citta di Castello. She starts modeling to pay for her law studies at the University of Perugia, but she understands that fashion is in her destiny. So she moves to Milan, the fashion capital, where she studies fashion but also acting. 

Other numerous hits by Monica Bellucci

He starts working for the agency that already has Linda Evangelista among its models. She arrives to show in Paris and New York. You participate in the Pirelli Calendar, in Max and GQ.

It is the springboard for Monica Bellucci , who begins working with the most important fashion houses: Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Cartier, but also magazines such as Vogue and Elle.

In 2003 she was the first Italian woman to be entrusted with the role of godmother of the Cannes Film Festival.

In 2008, he collaborates with Dior . Afterwards, Martini and again D&G up to Nivea.

Monica Bellucci at the cinema

In 1990 Monica made her debut as an actress, with the miniseries Vita coni figli. In 1992 comes the international film and her debut with Bram Stoker’s Dracula (she was one of Dracula’s concubines). In 1996, he also made his debut in French cinema.

The Oscar arrives with Under Suspicion at the 53rd Cannes Film Festival. In 2000, he conquers the world with Malena di Tornatore. She will become the godmother of the 56th edition in Cannes. The 2000s were full of films for the actress: Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions, Malena, Asterix and Obelix – Mission Cleopatra, Remember Me, The Passion of the Christ, Brothers Grimm and the Incredible Witch, N (Napoleon and I) , Sanguepazzo, Baaria.

In 2017 he entered the Academy of Art and Sciences of Moving Images as a member of Italy. Today, and among those responsible for the Oscar.

In France she was elected the most beautiful woman in the world and also entered the list of the 50 sexiest women in the world. There is also a hip-hop song of her in her name by the German singer RIN.

He has won many awards, including:

  • Women’s World Actress Award;
  • Vittorio De Sica Award;
  • Super Ciak d’oro and Ciak d’oro;
  • Dublin International Film Festival (DIFF);
  • Eastern Star Award al 28° Trieste Film Festival;
  • Filming On Italy Best Career Award;
  • IIC Los Angeles Creativity Award , recognition of Italian excellence in the world by the Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles;
  • Honorary Magritte Award;

Monica Bellucci movie

Here is Monica Bellucci’s filmography, in chronological order:

  • La riffa, directed by Francesco Laudadio (1991)
  • Obstinate Destiny, by Gianfranco Albano (1992)
  • Bram Stoker’s Dracula, directed by Francis Ford Coppola (1992)
  • Briganti – Love and Freedom, directed by Marco Modugno (1993)
  • The mythical – Colpo gobbo a Milano, directed by Carlo Vanzina (1994)
  • Snowball, directed by Maurizio Nichetti (1995)
  • The sky is always bluer, directed by Antonio Luigi Grimaldi (1995)
  • The apartment (Appartement), directed by Gilles Mimouni (1996)
  • Dobermann, regia di Jan Kounen (1997)
  • Stressed, directed by Mauro Cappelloni (1997)
  • Mauvais genre, directed by Laurent Benegui (1997)
  • Come You Want Me, by Carmine Amoroso (1997)
  • Compromis, directed by Sebastien Sort – short film (1998)
  • Pleasure and its little inconvenience, directed by Nicolas Boukhrief (1998)
  • The Last New Year, directed by Marco Risi (1998)
  • To those who love, directed by Isabel Coixet (1998)
  • Unruly – No Rule, directed by Philippe Berenger (1999)
  • Come un pesce fuor d’acqua (Like a fish out of water), directed by Herve Hadmar (1999)
  • Under Suspicion, regia di Stephen Hopkins (2000)
  • Striptease – Striptease, directed by Richard Bean (2000)
  • Malena, directed by Giuseppe Tornatore (2000)
  • Dear Father, directed by Oliver Megaton – short film (2001)
  • The Pact of Wolves (Le pacte des loups), directed by Christophe Gans (2001)
  • Asterix from Obelix – The Mission of Cleopatra (Asterix and Obelix: Mission to Cleopatra), the palace of Alain Chabat (2002)
  • Irreversible (Irreversible), royal by Gaspar Noe (2002)
  • Remember Me, by Gabriele Muccino (2003)
  • The Last Dawn (Tears of the Sun), directed by Antoine Fuqua (2003)
  • Matrix Reloaded (The Matrix Reloaded), regia di Larry e Andy Wachowski (2003)
  • Matrix Revolutions (The Matrix Revolutions), regia di Larry e Andy Wachowski (2003)
  • The Passion of the Christ, directed by Mel Gibson (2004)
  • Agents secrets, directed by Frederic Schoendoerffer (2004)
  • She Hate Me, by Spike Lee (2004)
  • The Brothers Grimm (The Brothers Grimm), directed by Terry Gilliam (2005)
  • Per sesso or per love? (How much do you love me?), regia di Bertrand Blier (2005)
  • Sheitan, regia di Kim Chapiron (2006)
  • N (Napoleon and I), directed by Paolo Virzi (2006)
  • The Chosen One (The Stone Council), directed by Guillaume Nicloux (2006)
  • Manual of love 2 – Subsequent chapters, directed by Giovanni Veronesi (2007)
  • Shoot ‘Em Up – Spara o muori! (Shoot ‘Em Up), regia di Michael Davis (2007)
  • The second breath, directed by Alain Corneau (2007)
  • Sanguepazzo, directed by Marco Tullio Giordana (2008)
  • The Man Who Loves, by Maria Sole Tognazzi (2008)
  • The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, directed by Rebecca Miller (2009)
  • Do not turn around, directed by Marina de Van (2009)
  • Baaria, directed by Giuseppe Tornatore – cameo (2009)
  • Homage to Rome, directed by Franco Zeffirelli – short film (2009)
  • The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, by Jon Turteltaub (2010)
  • The Whistleblower, by Larysa Kondracki (2011)
  • Manual of love 3, directed by Giovanni Veronesi (2011)
  • A Burning Summer, directed by Philippe Garrel (2011)
  • Rhino Season, directed by Bahman Ghobadi (2012)
  • Welcome to Saint Tropez (People Kissing), directed by Daniele Thompson (2013)
  • The wonders, by Alice Rohrwacher (2014)
  • In Quebrada, regia by Fernando Grostein Andrade (2014)
  • Ville-Marie, directed by Guy Edoin (2015)
  • Specter: The Queen of Sam Mendes (2015)
  • On the Milky Road – Sulla Via Lattea (On the Milky Road), directed by Emir Kusturica (2016)
  • Necromancer, regia in Kiah Roache-Turner (2018)
  • Spider in the Web, Directed By Eran Rickles (2019)
  • The best years of our lives, directed by Claude Lelouch (2019)
  • The Man Who Sold His Skin, regia di Kaouther Ben Hania (2020)
  • The Girl in the Fountain, by Antongiulio Panizzi (2021)

Monica Bellucci, flirts and loves

Monica marries the photographer Claudio Carlos Basso for some time. But after only a few months of marriage, the two separate and she the actress has a 6-year relationship with actor Nicola Farron . Then, she falls in love with the French actor, Vincent Cassel . Bellucci married him on August 2, 1999 in Montecarlo. The couple have two daughters together. In 2013, the two divorced by mutual consent.