London fashion: London is this and much more

It is not easy to talk about a city like London in one article. In fact, there are entire blogs and magazines dedicated to the capital of England. We are Fashionaut and we mainly deal with fashion and lifestyle. So why not talk about London fashion this time? But let’s start from the beginning.

London: a city to go crazy for

The UK-made city officially counts 9 million inhabitants in its central areas alone. In total, including the suburbs, it is expected that about 15 million inhabitants live and work there, showing all its characteristics of a sprawling city, like New York, Tokyo, Paris , just to name the most famous. A population that continues to grow exponentially year after year. And the reasons are clear: the beauty of a city rich in history and charm, with the greatest work opportunities, easily reachable from all over the world with its 5 airports (6 counting Luton). From Big Ben , to Westminster , passing by the British Museum and London Eye, there are many places to visit. When you are on London Bridge , the bridge over the Thames that connects the City of London to the London borough of Southwark , you understand the scope of an immense city.

City that offers many opportunities for those who decide to move to the English city for work. European capital of finance , one of the main technological hubs in the world (a sector that has an incidence on British GDP of 12.4% only in 2016), European capital of start-ups (invested in the UK in 2015 alone almost 4 billion dollars against 213 million Italians), and like many areas, fashion also becomes one of the most prosperous sectors, attracting thousands of professionals every year, with its fashion weeks, the presence of specialized schools, among the best in circulation, which host the best fashion designers in the world , European headquarters of the best world fashion houses.And last but not least, the European capital of urban style and punk style, but which in general sees a mix of styles intertwined, like the many cultures and ethnicities present.

London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is held twice a year: in February and September, since 1984.

The event is organized by the British Fashion Council with the London Development Agency and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills .

The event is part of the so-called ” Big four “, that is the four most important fashion weeks together with the Milan, Paris and New York fashion weeks. An immense event that attracts investors from all over the world (for a turnover of 40 million pounds a year) and being one of the most important cities from the point of view of new technologies, it has become the social event par excellence, with fashion bloggers from all over the world to attend the shows, with London ranking behind only New York and Paris in number of mentions (over 250,000 against over 800,000 in the city that never sleeps and almost 300,000 in the capital of romance) .

London: from luxury to street casual

London fashion offers many points of analysis and inspiration for those looking for their own style. In fact, in the city of Queen Elizabeth you can find fashion in every neighborhood, street corner. And each area is characterized by being famous for a particular style. It is therefore easy to run into double-breasted and well-rounded men wandering around the city, in the business center. Luxury with very expensive clothes as if to demonstrate their power. The power of money, of the pound, to decide the fate of an economy. All in a single dress, and perhaps a professional leather bag. Too bad that Italian brands are the masters , Brioni above all. Too bad we’re not that good at economics ..

Moving then a few kilometers, we come across Portobello Road and Notting Hill in general. Well, here things change and a lot. Here luxury leaves room for a more punk-rock look with a sprinkle of Caribbean, just to reaffirm the mix of cultures that reigns in the city. In fact, here there are many flea markets and second-hand shops where you can make up your wardrobe without spending a fortune.

Then if you are feeling sporty you can always go to Nike Town, in the heart of Oxford Street , near the Oxford Circus underground station. Here, lovers of numerous sports will be able to find all the items they want in this single-brand store, very captivating also in the design of the interiors. However, we do not guarantee the price. Better get a good credit card, better if American Express gold or platinum, you never know.


If you feel ” urban style “, better go to East London, it is the one for you: in fact, since the 90s the style of this London district has known a certain charm, above all due to the massive presence of boutiques and shops for all tastes.

In general, in the city, between one purchase and another you can also attend the many shows of break dancers, who perform giving great proof of skill, and also of style. This is London. And so on!

London fashion is always enriched with new details and in the meantime London has also become the European capital of multiculturalism, without ever affecting that British style that the English capital embodies to perfection.