Social networks have become a key tool that can help us discover different types of people on WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram. After all , this type of platform enhances our most characteristic personality traits , becoming yet another way through which we manifest them.
We are sure that you are part of several WhatsApp groups, some with more activity than others, that you are probably wondering what you are doing even still being a part. Likewise, we put our hands on the fire that you are able to put the face of one of your friends to these types of people that we find on WhatsApp that we will detail. Pay attention.

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10 types of people on Whatsapp and their way of being
Have you ever wondered what people are like based on their behavior on Whatsapp?
Here are the 10 types that are most often seen.

1. The omnipresent
We all know that type of person on Whatsapp who answers instantly every time someone asks something or comments on any nonsense, no matter how early or late it is, they are always there to say theirs .
These are people who enjoy being part of a group with common characteristics, who like to give their opinion and feel part of a whole. They are an essential gear that gives cohesion to the group, through which they say everything that comes into their heads as if it were an escape route.They do not conceive of receiving a message and not answering , even if it is not addressed to themselves.

2. The absent
There cannot be an alpha without his omega, nor night without his day, nor Sherlock without his Moriarty, nor omnipresent Whatsapp in front of the great absentee. He is not so interested in being part of the debates or discussions that take place in the group, nor in participating in any gossip; but he is more selective when deciding when he is interested in saying his and when not .
The type of person absent on WhatsApp is the one who trusts us so much, that they can afford to spend days without answering (due to lack of desire, overwork, being forgetful…) and that, when they do, He knows you won’t hold any grudge against him because it’s his natural state on the phone.

3. I have no words, only emoticons.
Perhaps he is busy attending to other matters, or he is directly passing the conversation; because he is too lazy to formulate an answer in words, it doesn’t matter. The emoticon is usually the wild card of that type of person on WhatsApp who covers their backs so as not to commit to an opinion that could expose them, while indicating that they are present and aware of what has been said.
Be careful, because emoticons are also the way that the most creative have to show off their gift through chats.

4. The one who bombards with funny photos, memes and videos
In other words: the healthy spammer. The mobile is a weapon of mass destruction in his hands, any image that he considers funny, along with videos or gifs, will be forwarded to all his groups and best friends.
As a possible explanation for this behavior, it may be that this type of person on WhatsApp is the one who most enjoys telling jokes when they are face to face, or that they have no better way of greeting than with a funny meme. It is not uncommon to find that adults, those who have been caught late by this technological boom, be the ones who have the most tendency to share this type of content, those who believe that if they do not forward that chain of messages, they will have 5 years of bad luck.

5. “I’m lazy to write, I’ll make you an audio”
When a piece of news is so important that it would take too long to write, it is when this type of person on WhatsApp opts for the now classic “audios” , an infallible method that saves them time and money. It allows them to make their message as clear as possible.
The characteristics of this type of person stand out for having a bit of ego more, at the same time that they are spontaneous and fun, in addition to enjoying listening to their occurrences once recorded. People who opt for voice messages can find themselves in any everyday situation and be chattering with their finger on the microphone button, regardless of the circumstances or who can listen Has anyone been sent an audio while the sender was sitting in the throne