Gift ideas for your partner: a love charm

If your girl likes pendants and collects charms, a first gift idea (and a surprise certainly welcome), could be represented by a charm to collect , which has a deep meaning connected to your love.

The charms of the Love collection of Oro Argento Virgola represent a useful ally for our love conquests: you can in fact choose the pendant to give as a gift from many models available, each of which can represent something unique and distinctive linked to your love.

We know a relationship is based on romanticism, which must always be nourished also to not let the flame of passion go out. A thought like this will surely revive your relationship and sweeten your day.

And if you usually wear something coordinated, an interesting idea could be to give her and yourself coordinated bracelets  with the same pendant , so as to strengthen the symbolic bond between you.

If you want to deepen this topic, you can refer to our previous article on the subject written some time ago by our Caren.

Technological gift: from bluetooth headphones to smartwatch

If you have a girlfriend who likes technology, then you cannot fail to give her a “technological” gift, which increasingly represents a welcome surprise of love.

As possible gift ideas (obviously it will all depend on your budget) we recommend a beautiful Hi-Tech gadget , such as a pair of bluetooth headphones , ideal for your girl who loves listening to music and working out while listening to her favorite artists.

For the most romantic, an original gift is represented by an Apple device with personalized engraving on the body , so that you can always carry your love with you.

The engraving can be ordered directly from the Apple website.

Finally, another useful technological gift is represented by a smartwatch, an increasingly appreciated product, which has almost nothing of the traditional watch but which increasingly represents a multi-tasking product, with which to train, answer the phone, send a message, connect to the Internet.

A welcome love surprise: a weekend or a day in the SPA

And if you want to give your partner a moment of relaxation, you can always give him a weekend or even a day at the SPA , to be able to see her truly happy and relaxed. In fact, after a week of stress, work, commitments, what could be better than a few hours of pure relaxation, including massages, beauty treatments and a beautiful sauna?

And if you want to discover some new place with her, you can always give him a trip , even a simple romantic weekend in an Italian city of art or a place renowned for its natural beauties can be the right opportunity to renew yours. love.

This summer it could be an excellent idea to give her, for example, a weekend on the Amalfi Coast , where you can let yourself go to love and romance, walking through the streets of Sorrento or admiring the landscape of Positano and Amalfi.


Whether it is a pendant or a coordinated bracelet, a technological gift or a nice romantic weekend or a day in a SPA, the important thing is that it is a gift that comes from the heart. In fact, women love to feel important and filled with attention from their man.

If you really don’t want to miss anything, together with the chosen gift, you can always combine a love letter or a romantic card: it will be the icing on the cake!