Have you ever thought that from the careful analysis of apparently innocuous and simple details, such as the position and length of the fingers , important information could be obtained about your personality and your love life ?

That’s right: some experiments conducted by researchers at Howard Hughes Medical Center tell us that our hands can reveal whether we are restless or calm, sincere or liar, taciturn or extroverted.

The way in which we close our fingers, for example, is not accidental, on the contrary: the position of the thumb is an important indicator of a person’s character, his state of mind, his relational capacity.

And then we discover together the hidden meaning of the closed fist and the length of the fingers that can help us discover new sides of our personality and, at the same time, also tell us a lot about who we are in front of. Come on, let’s get started! That’s how:

1) Thumb above forefinger

You are a dreamer , a creative personality that leaves room for the imagination and draws immense satisfaction from it. You let your dreams take over rationality. You do not see only with the eyes but also with the heart. You take care of others and of yourself, and this is good for you because it improves the quality of your social relationships. True? You are kind towards others, even if often someone abuses your availability and this deeply disappoints you. In love you tend to hide the feelings you have for someone and to be not very outgoing , even if sometimes you would like to let yourself go and feel free to express what you feel. Is it good or bad? We don’t know but, of course, try not to let it affect you.

2) Thumb under index, middle and ring fingers

If you close your fist like this, then you are certainly attentive to those you love, you are available to others and do not hesitate to give your help when needed, especially because you have the sensitivity to understand when someone is in trouble. In short, you are someone who would throw himself into the fire for others! If you close your fingers like this you are also creative and talented and have the advantage of knowing how to communicate , listen and participate. You are able to identify yourself with your interlocutor, and from the comparison with the other you also gain personal enrichment. You know how to be practical, concrete and decisive and you prefer calm and serenity in everything you do.

3) Index, middle and ring fingers surrounded by the thumb

Well done! You are an exceptionally talented person and this awareness of yours makes you confident and  outgoing . You are not afraid of fatigue, you are a tireless, tenacious worker, one who does not give up and who stands out for constancy and determination. In the eyes of the people you may appear to be a tough, a rock, a person who “must never ask” but this apparently impenetrable armor hides a heart of gold , a unique sensitivity and an unrivaled generosity. In love you oscillate between letting go and being conditioned that may come from others or from your negative past experiences.

4) Fingers under the thumb

You are versatile and flexible. You have a dynamic personality , you know how to cope with changes, whether they are positive or negative, precisely because you know how to adapt to all circumstances. After all, flexibility is the key to any change and knowing how to adapt gives us the enthusiasm necessary to carry out all new projects, professional or personal. 

We have given you a “key” to interpret your personality and that of those around you based on the position of your fingers, but their length is also important … Here’s why:

5) Ready to risk: group A

People who belong to this category have  the ring finger longer than the index finger . This conformation is considered aesthetically more beautiful and graceful, and the individuals who possess it are considered very  charming . People belonging to this category are not afraid to take some risks to achieve their goals. Normally they cover  authoritative professions : lawyers, engineers or managers, with great charisma.

6) Safe and secure: group B

The second category includes people who have  a shorter ring finger than the index finger. From this recent study it was found that they have a lot  of self-confidence . At times, too much confidence can make them seem haughty and arrogant, but they are loyal and consistent people. This category is the most  solitary : those who belong to it love their privacy and spend their free time in peace and tranquility. In romantic relationships, these people tend to never take the first step, but they appreciate the attention and care that others give them.

7) Faithful and tender: group C

Individuals with  the ring finger of the same length as the index finger  are the most peaceful of the three identified groups. They are not very fond of conflict and tend to escape disputes with diplomacy. The personalities of this category are friendly and  kind , with the marked ability to get along with everyone. They are meticulous and organized and always ready to help others. They tend to be  tender  and  loyal people  who reserve a lot of care and attention for friends and relatives.

What does the length of the thumb reveal instead ? Yes, it could give indications on your love life! Read on to find out more :

8) First case

The first half of the thumb is longer than the second . In love these people are faithful and romantic. However, they could be obsessed with their partner: knowing at all times what the partner is doing, where he is, what he thinks. They are too devoted to the other goal and often exaggerate, intimidating it. Subjects with this physical characteristic are more instinctive and put soul and body into each new adventure, without thinking too much about it. When they are fascinated and attracted to something they tend to overlook everything else.

9) Second case

The two phalanges , both the first and the second, have the same length . People with this characteristic are more thoughtful, organized and orderly, they know how to get by in any situation. Everything takes place according to careful planning: projects, activities, objectives. And this is also true in love: they do not let themselves be carried away by feelings, everything is planned and managed with the most rational part of the brain. Their partner doesn’t always like this behavior, which can seem aloof. They are people who believe that everything must be done methodically, following very specific rules.

10) Third case

The second half of the thumb is longer than the first . People who have this characteristic are distinguished by their good faith: you can count on them, they are loyal friends! They need a long time to start anything, even in the context of love life. They carefully monitor their love life and do not get excited easily: in matters of the heart they are not very expansive, and this sometimes makes them lose opportunities. They carefully consider each situation before making a decision, and the same goes for the people they choose to have by their side. They are serious people, who put fairness first.