Global warming, pollution by water, land and air, deforestation of forests and a long etcetera of factors are causing many species to disappear by force.
Although it is true that evolution, in a natural way, ensures that new species appear and others become extinct, the human being is especially responsible for accelerating this second process.

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30 animals in danger of extinction
Below we show you 30 species of animals that are currently in danger of extinction . In addition, we must bear in mind that the number of copies, although low, is usually approximate in many cases and can vary in a short time.

1. Iberian Lynx
This species of feline is considered by many to be the flagship animal (along with the bull) of Spain . It is also the most threatened feline species in the world since there are only about 250 copies left distributed by Donana and Sierra Morena (Andalucia).

Javan rhinoceros This species of rhinoceros opens our sad list of animals in danger of extinction.In traditional Chinese medicine it was used as a necessary element for many treatments . Of course, the decorative component and its horns were also highly coveted.
The few that remain can be found on the island of Java. In 2012 there were 29 left .

3. Snow leopard
This species can or could be found in countries like Pakistan, India, Nepal or China. Despite the fact that they used to live in sheltered places and normally away from the hand of men (since it is capable of living up to 6000 meters high, as in the Himalayas), it has not prevented the fact that there are currently less than 5 thousand copies left. .

4. Tiger
Probably one of the most famous and admired animals in the world, it is also (and surely because of this) one of the most hunted.
In recent years the population of tigers has decreased by around 60% because of its coveted skin and its relationship with supernatural powers according to oriental medicine.
Today, subspecies such as the Bali or Java tiger are extinct.

5. Bluefin tuna
As you can imagine, this animal is one of the most fished in the world. This has meant that its population has decreased by 85% in recent years , when, however, it was one of the most abundant species in the 1960s
. One of the main reasons is that its meat is used for sushi ., so fashionable all over the world.

6. Panda bear
It is currently estimated that there are about 2,500 copies of this animal . The Chinese government has recently taken steps to preserve this species. Let’s hope it’s not too late.

7. Asian Elephant
This gigantic animal has been particularly tormented by the deforestation of its habitat, in addition to, of course, poaching for the ivory of its tusks .

8. Vaquita Marina

Native butterfly of the Gulf of Mexico (the only place where it can be found), its population has decreased to 200 specimens because they belong to a very small habitat and are hunted very frequently.

9. Mountain Gorilla
It is estimated that this subspecies of gorilla will disappear completely in the year 2025. At the moment, it can only be found in countries like Rwanda, Uganda and Congo , all of them around the Congo River.

10. Sumatran
Orangutan This Orangutan has long been traded as a pet. This, together with the extraction of palm oil, is causing it to experience a critical situation.

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11. Leatherback Turtle
This turtle is in danger of extinction just like its relative the leatherback turtle. Its disappearance is mainly due to pollution and hunting (for its shell and meat). It is estimated that it has existed for 150 million years, but now it is coming to an end.

12. Polar bear
This well-known bear is especially suffering from the ravages of climate change as its habitat is literally disappearing due to the melting of arctic ice.
According to calculations, the species will disappear (all things being equal) at the beginning of the next century .

13. Magellanic Penguin
This penguin, like the polar bear, is a species threatened by the increase in the earth’s temperature. The cause: their food (a variety of small fish) is migrating to colder areas .

14. Jaguar
The Jaguar is, in addition to a majestic animal, the logo of the homonymous car brand. These animals are hunted for their beautiful coats and because they attack the herd of ranchers in certain areas.

15. Mexican gray
wolf This subspecies of wolf inhabits, as its name suggests, certain regions of Mexico. Since it was warned in the 1970s that it was in danger of extinction , its number has not stopped falling. Right now, the few specimens that survive are in captivity.

16. The Malagasy pochard
In the 1990s, it was thought that this bird had become totally extinct. however, a small group of Malagasy pochards was discovered in a lake in Madagascar. Currently it is estimated that there are about 80 left .

17. Giant
Pangasius The Giant Pangasius is commonly known as the Paroon Shark. It lives in fresh water and can measure up to 3 meters and weigh 300 kilograms.
Like most sharks, poaching for its meat and religious reasons are making this animal extinct.

18. Siamese crocodile
This species of crocodile is currently being bred in captivity because its population decreased by up to 99.9% in a short time.

19. Hirola
This antelope inhabits the area between the countries of Kenya and Somalia. In just a few decades, its population has been reduced to approximately 700 individuals .

20. Franklin’s bumblebee
This bird was (or is) unique for its colorful fur that combined shades of yellow and shiny black. Unfortunately, since 2006 no specimen has been found.

21. The Sapphire Ornamental Tarantula
Also known as Goofy, this bluish-hued tarantula has been sold for up to US$500 . This explains your worrying situation.

22. Swinhoe’s Turtle
The Swinhoe’s turtle is also popularly known as a softshell turtle due to the characteristics of its shell.
This species is the most affected of the entire list since there are only two specimens left (one male and one female). Previously there were specimens in Vietnam and China, but right now they can only be found in a Chinese zoo where they are trying to reproduce .

23. Bearded Vulture
A long time ago the Bearded Vulture could be found in Asia, Africa and Europe, but today there are only about 180 specimens left , residing especially in the Aragonese Pyrenees (Spain).
Its name honors the way it prepares its prey before eating them: it raises them to great distances and then releases them, causing their bones and shells to shatter.

24. El Hierro giant lizard
Technically called Gallotia simonyi, it is a species of lizard that exclusively inhabits the Canary Islands (Spain). The less than 300 surviving specimens can be found on some cliffs and on the Roques de Salmor.

25. Indian Bustard
This bird widely inhabited parts of India and Pakistan. Currently there are less than 250 copies left and the centers that have tried to breed these birds have encountered serious problems to the point that it has been impossible for them.
The only possible way out is to take care of the habitat so that they reproduce naturally and prevent poaching.

26. Common Sawfish
This fish so well known for the saw it carries (measuring up to 7.5 meters) used to be found in the Mediterranean, Atlantic and Pacific. Currently seeing a specimen of this amazing animal is almost impossible.

27. Silky Sifaka
This graceful animal lives in a totally desperate situation since there are barely between 100 and 1,000 copies left . It can only be found northeast of the island of Madagascar.

28. Singapore Stream Crab
It is also known by the name of Johora singaporensis. It has a maximum diameter of 3 centimeters andin the last investigations it has not been possible to find any specimen . Should we make a list of extinct animals to place it

? 29. Japanese huchen
This type of salmon is a freshwater fish that could be found in the waters that bathed areas of Russia and Japan. The main objective of fishing for this animal is to obtain it as a trophy , and this is done in such a massive way that its population is being drastically reduced.

30. Irrawaddy River
Dolphin This type of dolphin lives in freshwater in South Asia. The critical situation in which it finds itself is caused by the contamination of the waters it inhabits and indiscriminate fishing. In 2011, 85 specimens were counted.