Urban style: what is it?

The urban style was born in the United States and is often associated with a street style , with garments inspired by hip-hop or rap music. Specifically, it is a style born among the young people of the New York of the ghettos, and then spread all over the world.

This particular style includes a series of specifics, such as wearing ripped or skinny jeans, the use of hats and caps, footwear consisting of low ankle boots or sneakers, bags with applications, fabric clutches.

To follow urban fashion, you need to be updated on the latest trends related to the world of rap, hip-hop, trap and the like, that is, the so-called street clothing worn by the artists most loved today by young people.

Let’s see in the following lines some useful tips for your urban outfit, which can be, as we will see, even chic.

Light clothing, almost veiled

For the summer, fashion has foreseen many seductive moves, many sexy outfits. The dresses will be loose, fluffy, almost always in chiffon or other light fabrics, which also allow you to see what you are wearing underneath. A first idea of ​​urban outfit is therefore dictated by the summer heat, which will make us more sexy and desired. 


Abiti eco-friendly

They will call it “jungle style”, and it will be that set of details that will make up the spring-summer dresses according to prints, drawings, details that recall nature. Jacket-skirt outfits or vest-pants with floral, natural and tribal themes will not be rare.

Lace, leather and mini: the great comeback

The seduction and the imprint of the warm seasons. Green light to laces that create the “see and do not see” effect, leather garments are welcome – skirts, trousers, jackets – also to be combined with the laces themselves or veils. Without fear, without taboos.

Mini skirts are back in fashion, mini for real, very high on the thigh. If they will be in leather or lace … you do!

The colors of fashion

The colors that will dominate the urban outfit of the season will be pink and green. Green , as mentioned, is linked to the nature and ecological theme, which has never counted as this year. Pink joins green in every possible shade: nude, deep pink, salmon pink, blush… just to name a few.

The importance of gold

Whether it is a long dress, a short dress, trousers, a suit … this year indulge in the use of colors that recall gold. Or even the golden thread itself. Especially in the evening, for evenings at a restaurant or at an event… gold, ocher, sand, golden yellow are the symbol of this year’s urban summer outfit.

Fashion and glitter

Staying on the theme of gold, the glittery dress that recalls the sparkle of the precious metal will also be part of women’s summer fashion. Better if you make the mini skirts, mini-dresses, jackets sparkle. Not t-shirts or shirts, to avoid going out of line. Gold glitter belts are also really trendy!

vintage fashion

Vintage is not out of fashion. Now it is called retro because it recalls the fashion of the past but not too old. Longuette skirts, hats, blouses… shopping at the markets of the style of the past is more than encouraged.

A masculine touch

Today’s fashion has cleared another taboo: men’s clothing. Modern women can be daring, for example wearing men’s ties over floral suits, or men’s belts over full skirts, or even men’s-style trousers associated with blouses. Even wearing a blazer can give an urban touch to your look!

Tono su tono

They call it “bourgeois style” that which allows you to wear tone-on-tone clothing. All in beige, in white, in gray, in pastel tones… from the jacket to the shoe it must all be in a single shade of color. Your street outfit couldn’t be more stylish.

Long live the prints

The prints are back, they are beautiful and they fit everything next season. Shirts, skirts, jackets… the fantasy gallops not only in your mind, but also on your body, in perfect urban style!