Gastronomy is on the rise, and we can see that reflected in an increase in blogs and cooking websites in recent years . More and more amateurs and professionals are launching to share their recipes and photographs of their preparations.
And every day there are more people interested in food and cooking who want to be up to date with the latest culinary trends, either to incorporate new recipes into their weekly menu, to adopt a healthier diet and lifestyle, or simply to surprise diners at a social gathering.

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The best cooking and recipe
blogs The number of blogs that we can find is infinite, but there are some that stand out from the rest and lead the number of visits and followers on social networks.
We can find various themes, from healthy recipes, vegetarian, simple cooking recipes , etc. The range is very wide and there is something for all tastes, never better said.
They are the most valued and the most popular. So here I leave you the list with the best cooking blogs and websites so that you can prepare your easy and delicious recipes.
Blogs to find the best ideas and recipes. | Image from: Unsplash.

1. Rebecca’s kitchen
It is one of the most popular and most visited cooking blogs in Spain. This journalist and blogger has won several awards with her recipes and her blog. What started as a simple entertainment to have her recipes organized, has become one of the reference websites for cooking fans.
On her website we can find an extensive recipe book , where she accommodates both traditional Spanish recipes and recipes from other parts of the world.

2. Comidista
Mikel Lopez Iturriaga and his team have created, with humor and insight, one of the best cooking and gastronomy websites in Spain. In its recipe section, we find healthy and simple dishes, weekly menusthat have become a reference and fashionable culinary creations.
Other content offered are articles, where they talk about current issues, restaurants and nutritional advice. Finally, they have an office, where all doubts related to food , nutrition and others that arise for readers are clarified.

3. Directo al Paladar
With a multitude of recipes, this blog has become one of the most visited and a benchmark for gastronomy fans. The team of editors of this gastronomic website is made up of several culinary enthusiasts and professionals.
They offer endless recipes, in addition to presenting interesting reports on current culinary issues, gastronomic news, restaurant reviews, articles on kitchen utensils, etc. The way to present your recipes is simple and with photos illustrating the different steps to follow when preparing the dish.

4. Fried Webos Hers
and Ella Mc’s husband run the Fried Webos blog. She is passionate about cooking and, together with her mother, prepares traditional recipes that look incredible. He is a photographer and is in charge of taking the pictures of the dishes that hers prepares. A perfect combination from which this web of essential recipes has emerged to cook and recover those dishes of a lifetime.
In addition to culinary elaborations, on the web they explain how to take gastronomic photographs , a topic that is currently very fashionable, tricks to take into account when cooking and kitchenware to make life easier.

5. Canal Cocina
Canal Cocina is a portal that brings together the best recipes from different chefs and gastronomy professionals . It is the only television channel specialized in cooking in Spain. Its contents are distributed through the web, television platforms, YouTube, mobile apps and social networks.
Recipes, gastronomic reports and restaurant reviews are some of the content that we can find in this cooking blog. TooIts contests are famous where the best kitchen bloggers in Spain are chosen.
The most important kitchen blogs of the moment. | Image from: Unsplash.

6. Cooking with Catman
Winner in 2014 for the best chef blogger on Canal Cocina, Manu and Fran have created the blog Cooking with Catman. His fun and simple way of explaining the recipes is one of his strengths. His recipe book is made up of recipes from here and there, from all over the world.
One of the secrets of its success is the incorporation of a section dedicated exclusively to teas, where Fran exposes a large number of recipes for infusions and teas. In addition, her basic recipes section is essential for all those who want to succeed with a great dish but without complicating their lives.

7. Pepa cooks
With a simple and impeccable design, this cooking blog that started as a hobby has become a great essential recipe book for any kitchen lover. His recipes are written clearly and carefully.
It incorporates a section dedicated to recipes to learn how to cook, very useful for all those who want to enter the world of cooking with tasty and healthy dishes. They also do restaurant reviews, where they tell us about the food they’ve tried. Every day they publish new recipes, so stay tuned to their publications so you don’t miss a single one.

8. El Aderezo
Cooking blog within Hola magazine. It is considered one of the most important and complete, due to the quantity and diversity of its contents. His cookbook focuses on traditional Spanish cuisine recipes but incorporating avant-garde touches.
It includes restaurant recommendations, gastronomic culture reports, articles about chefs, information about gastronomic events, curiosities and gastronomic and wine tourism. In addition, it presents asection dedicated entirely to drinks , where we can find an extensive amount of information on wines, beers, whiskey, gin, vodka and water.

9. Bavette
Kitchen blog highly specialized in high-quality desserts, pastries and doughs. Its author is from Naples and hence his recipes have an Italian influence. On his cooking recipes website we can find a section dedicated to cocktails and smoothies , where he teaches us how to prepare everything from homemade almond milk to limoncello.
But without a doubt, what he has most recognition for are his sweet and dough recipes, how could it be otherwise as Italian as he is. If you feel like cooking a pizza or focaccia , you have to visit her recipe blog.

10. Cooking among olive trees
Ana Maria is a standard-bearer for extra virgin olive oil, and she could not be less of the good native jaenera that she is. Her recipe book includes recipes from traditional cuisine, especially Andalusian and Oriental . Extra virgin olive oil
cannot be missing from all her recipes and her blog incorporates a section dedicated to this product, where she tastes different brands, explains all the news about extra virgin olive oil and presents numerous preparations made with this product. .
Her recipes incorporate step-by-step photos of the preparation of the dish . A great help for all of us who dare to make a recipe from her blog.

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