The following horror stories are perfect to tell at night with your group of friends or to read alone in your room, in the dark. The worst nightmares come true in these stories that will make your hair stand on end.

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1. Short Horror Stories
2. Real Horror
Stories 3. Two-Sentence Horror Stories The Scariest Short Horror Stories
These tales have all the elements to leave you shaking with fear and holding your breath until the end. Learn them and tell them in front of your friends and family so they will be terrified… 1. The jacket
This is one of the most chilling urban legends. Tell it to your friends with a suspense point and you will leave them frozen.
One night an attractive boy approached a girlI was having a drink in a bar. They both talked for a long time, and she said goodbye to her. Going outside, it was raining cats and dogs, so he went out with her and lent him her jacket. He walked her part of the way to her house, and he found the perfect excuse for her to see her again.
The girl promised to return the jacket to him the next day, and gave him the address of her house. They parted. He could barely sleep. The next morning, when he showed up at the address received, an older woman said she didn’t know any Laura, but suddenly the young man saw her photo on the hall table.
The woman accompanied the boy to the cemetery and told him that this young woman was her daughter ., who died of an asthma attack one rainy night after going out with her friends. The boy stood at her grave, and then the woman wondered how she knew that it was her grave: there was the young man’s jacket. 2. The Okiku doll
The Japanese are masters of horror stories. Dolls are objects that have always caused a lot of fear.
Both elements go hand in hand in this story.
This is the story of Eikichi Suzuki, a Japanese teenager who in 1918 bought a doll for his two-year-old sister, Okiku. The girl established a very close relationship with the doll, but after a cold the little Okiku died. Her family decided to set up an altar presided over by the doll, to keep the memory of her daughter.
Over time, the doll’s hair had grown out and it was clear that Okiku’s spirit had taken up residence within it. In 1938 the family moved and left the doll in the care of the monks of the Mannenji monastery, where today you can visit her and see how her hair, which reaches her knees, is periodically cut. 3. The service station After several hours driving and late at night , Denisse, an adventurer who used to travel alone, decided to stop on her way to rest. After several minutes looking for a stop on the road, she found an abandoned gas station.
Denisse discovered that there was still some fuel left at the gas station next to the service station, and she filled the tank. Nevertheless,The sound of footsteps despite the fact that there was only darkness around him terrified him so much that he locked himself in the car again. And suddenly, someone began to shout at him from outside: “Get out of the car, they’re going to kill you!”
Although she tried to pull her by her arm and get her out of there, the woman managed to get away , started the engine and sped off to join the road again. But looking in the rearview mirror she saw a lump in the seat behind her.
Without time to react, a man had put a knife to her throat and ordered her to stop her car. After a macabre smile, he cut her throat and dismembered her. A few days later the police found her head in the woods., with the expression of terror that had stayed on him when he saw his murderer. 4. The Puzzle
Anne was a young girl who had lost her family in a tragic accident. To get over the tragedy and not feel so alone, she had taken to puzzles.
In an antique store, she found a very disturbing one that caught her attention: she had no picture on the box, and the final result was left unknown . After many hours of laborious work, the puzzle began to take shape: It was her own house!
As she was completing the puzzle a paralyzing terror began to run through her body, and she felt a gaze boring into her. There was little left to complete it, and she guessed the room where she was, and you could even see his silhouette. But the terror ended up taking possession of her when when putting the last piece of it she noticed a terrifying face watching in the window.
After catching her breath she ran into the room to put four things in the suitcase and flee from that place, but when she turned there was that man who appeared in the puzzle. The next morning the police found her body in the living room .
Sometimes reality provides us with the worst scary stories. | Daniel Jensen. Real horror stories that will make your hair stand on end
Sometimes, disturbingly, reality goes beyond the limits of fiction and turns into a hair-raising horror story. These are the best real horror stories that ever happened anywhere in the world.

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5. The Observer Letters
It happened recently, in New Jersey. A family of tenants sued the owner of the house, a colonial-style mansion built in 1905, because they received letters from someone who called himself “the observer.”
Especially disturbing was the macabre language used by the broadcaster, who referred to the children of the marriage as “that young blood that you have brought me”. The family ended up leaving the house out of fear, but they filed a complaint with the owner, who later discovered that he already had knowledge of the observer.
A shiver runs down the back when, reading the letters, one realizes that “the observer” gives details of the interior of the house.The story soon hit the public eye and no one wanted to buy the house so it was eventually demolished and two new houses were built in its place. 6. The grave robber
Although it may seem incredible, the story is real and happened in Russia. Following a suspicious investigation, the Nizhny Novgorod police discovered at the home of a local historian and cemetery explorer (Anatoly Moskvin, 45) dolls made from body parts of mummified corpses.
The creepy dolls were carefully dressed, their hands and faces covered with cloth. Moskvin deposited the dolls on the bed or in the cupboards, and he intended to make a collection of them until in 2011 his parents paid him a surprise visit and alerted the police.
The police report revealed that Anatoly Moskvin, with great intellectual capacity, had desecrated the graves of girls from 3 to 12 years old and had built those dolls to which he named and with which he celebrated his birthday. 7. The Cemetery House One night on the way home with the car, some friends decided to stop at a house with a patio across the street from the cemetery. It had been a long time since that house had gained fame as an enchanted place, and many legends were told about it. However, they made a mistake: thinking that the house was abandoned…
There he lived with his mother Allen S. Davis, a former recluse fed up with onlookers breaking into his house. That night she took the rifle with which she defended herself from robbery attempts and shooting. A bullet crossed the head of 17-year-old Rachel Barezinsky. Allen Davis was arrested and sentenced to 19 years, during which time his mother died.
Amazingly, Rachel survived and some years later her family claimed that she was fully healed from her injuries . The house was renovated, but the stigma of being a dismal and enchanted place was never removed. 8. Buried alive
Eleanor Markham died on April 14, 1928 in California, at the age of 73, and she was fired at an intimate burial accompanied by her relatives. However, that was not the first time this woman had been buried: in 1894 she became one of the first documented cases of accidental premature burial.
On July 10, 1894, the body of Eleanor Markham, who had died of natural causes, was transferred from her house to the cemetery where she was to be buried . Funeral home workers heard banging from the box, and were stunned when they opened the coffin to discover Mrs. Markham…alive.
Later, the protagonist of such a macabre event said that she spent a long time inside the coffin without being able to move. She was conscious during the burial preparations, but she couldn’t do anything. She finally got the strength to take some hits, and when he saw that the box opened he knew he was safe. How many stories like these have ended with a tragic ending?
It is possible to tell chilling stories in just two sentences. | Jacob Owens. The Best Two-Sentence Horror Stories
Sometimes you can condense all the horror of a story into two sentences. Discover the magical power of words in these horror stories in two sentences that will send a shiver down your spine.

  • A smiling face is peering at me from the dark, behind the bedroom window. I live on a ninth floor.
  • “I can’t sleep,” she whispered as she climbed into bed with me. She woke up cold, hugging the dress she was buried in.
  • I can’t move, can’t breathe, can’t see or hear anything, and it’s so dark all the time. If I knew that this is eternity, I would have asked for cremation.
  • My sister won’t stop crying and screaming all night. I visit her grave and tell her to stop, but she ignores me.
  • Something horrible follows you everywhere. Look left and right, at your feet, behind you, but never look up… he hates when you look him in the eye.
  • I kiss my wife and daughter before I go to sleep. When I wake up I’m in a padded room and the nurses tell me it was all a dream.
  • I have good news and bad news. The good news is that we’ll soon be dead.
  • I woke up hearing someone knocking on the window pane. At first I thought it was the window, until someone called from the mirror.
  • Yesterday my parents told me that I am too old to have an imaginary friend, and that I had to end it. This morning they found his body.
  • This morning I found on my mobile a photo of me sleeping. I live alone.
  • Last night it took me a long time to fall asleep because of the look of that man in the painting. This morning I realized that it is not a painting, but a window.
  • After so many years living in such a big house I have realized something. I close more doors than I open…
  • Growing up with dogs and cats I got used to the noise of scratching on the door. Now that I live alone it is much more disturbing.
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