We can already say that we live in the post-Game of Thrones era. The production of HBO has meant a paradigm shift in television, the final push in an industry that was already driven by series like Twin Peaks or Lost. During the early hours of Sunday May 19 to Monday May 20, 2019, the world has been paralyzed to see the last sequences of a phenomenon that is already history. We analyze the last chapter of Game of Thrones, 8×06.

Analysis of the end of Game of Thrones (without hate)
It would be very easy to get on the bandwagon of hate that has been growing in size over the past few weeks, to say that nothing in this eighth and final season makes sense and that David Benioff and DB Weiss are absolute inepts who deserve to be whipped in the main square . But I don’t feel that way. If HBO’s decision has been to reduce the number of chapters in these last two seasons, the reasons should be more than clear to the platform and the producers.
Just to add that, like all trends that become uncontrollable monsters of the Internet, the hatred towards Game of Thrones will be revealed as a passing fadthat he would die in a few months. Meanwhile, we have to put up with that “the end of the series was a real garbage”, although the authors of such statements have not even seen it. In any case, I will try to avoid the snowball of hate and I will focus on reviewing the last chapter of the series, which is what we are here for.

The death of love
In this ending of Game of Throne there are two basic pillars (FROM HERE YOU WILL FIND SPOILERS), which are the death of Daenerys and the coronation of Bran, the first of his name and all the titles that come after. Much has been said about the first, especially since she decided to burn all the inhabitants of King’s Landing in the penultimate chapter. Being so -and I really think that Cersei deserved more prominence and a dignified death- I have to say that the outcome of her narrative arc seems more and more coherent to me .
It was quite evident that the last chapter was going to be focused, in part, on his death, and it was also quite clear that his executioner was going to be none other than Jon Snow (although Arya was another clear candidate), thus fulfilling the famous prophecy . by Azor Ahaiand the promised warrior who ends the life of his lover to save humanity. The scene could have been more emotionally charged and the direction could have been finer, but they make us think, for a thousandth, that Jon would end the series as a mere Targaryen puppet. Luckily he plunges his dagger into her.
Daenerys in the final chapter of Game of Thrones. | HBO.
The one who sets this climax in motion is Tyrion, who convinces Jon to once and for all act in accordance with his character and do the right thing. “Love is the death of duty” and “duty is the death of love”.
So far, the chapter is quite predictable.

The first of his name
Then there is a time jump of two weeks (we know this because Tyrion mentions the time he spends locked up), right up to the reunion of the remaining characters with Gray Worm, who continues to pay homage to a dead Daenerys. After a brief exchange of threats, he has to choose who will occupy the throne -metaphorically speaking, because the Iron Throne no longer exists- and two moments follow one another that seem to me, at least, correct.
The first is Edmure Tully’s clumsy bid for the throne. Catelyn’s brother reminds us that in such solemn moments there is always room for clumsiness and ambition.And it is that if Game of Thrones has taught us anything, it is that power is often in the hands of the least indicated people. The second is Sam’s speech, who proposes to establish a democracy in the Seven Kingdoms. That would have been the most idyllic ending, but luckily the series scraps the idea as soon as the protagonists start laughing.
Moments later Tyrion proposes the most coherent and least controversial solution , for Westeros and for the producers of the series, which is none other than to put Bran on the throne. But what about Jon
? Isn’t he supposed to be the rightful heir?
There are at least two reasons to send Jon to the Night’s Watch.. The first is that he will always be a tormented being for killing Daenerys, and we already know that he spends with the tormented Targaryens. The second is that he has never wanted the throne, and that irremediably makes him incapable of being a good ruler.
As for Bran, as the Three-Eyed Raven, he already knew in advance that he would end up being the king, but we are still not clear why he did not speak out in the face of Daenerys’ imminent massacre. Maybe it was all part of the plan.

What lies west of Poniente?
The final stretch exploits the resource of nostalgia. It does not offer a spectacular ending but it does offer a closed and satisfying ending . Arya sets sail to west of Westeros to see what’s where the maps end (spin-off idea?
), while Sansa proclaims herself Queen in the North. We remember that Sansa has fought tirelessly during the last season for the interests of the North, so her narrative arc is completely closed.
Finally, Jon returns to Castle Black, where Tormund and Ghost await him. Jon’s reunion with the direwolf still doesn’t justify his lack of tact in the fourth chapter, but we’re glad Ghost is reunited with his master. The series lowers the curtain with the Free People returning beyond the Wall, a solemn scene, but perhaps not enough to close an eight-season television phenomenon.
Tyrion in the final chapter of Game of Thrones. | HBO.

After a season 8 full of controversy and more or less successful script twists, Game of Thrones has had a quiet, nostalgic, pleasant closure in general terms . The cast had prepared us for a bittersweet ending but I don’t have the feeling that anyone is going to be traumatized after the credits. The producers, who knows if following the instructions of George RR Martin, have been benevolent in leaving our favorites alive.
It is not the best narrative work of the series, it is clear, and neither is it in technical terms. The photography and the sequence shots (by God, the one of Arya touring the city has stayed in my retina) were unbeatable in 8×05, and in this last chapter they shine due to their absence. It is true that the rhythm is more leisurely and there is no room for great flourishes, but even so we miss a moment of brilliance.
To finish, I would like not to be ungrateful, like all that social mass angry with Benioff and Weiss, and to thank those responsible for the series for this wonderful trip. Game of Thrones will always be a part of me.
George RR Martin, finish the saga once and for all.
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