A few years after its release, Minecraft became a phenomenon and re-popularized survival games, a genre where you must manage your resources in an open world to survive a hostile environment. Since the rise of the Mojang game, countless similar games have appeared for PC and consoles, although many of them are copies of copies, titles without personality that try to materialize the formula for success and without much effort.

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Top survival games for PC
The ones we have selected offer us long game sessions, and there are always things to do in a title of these characteristics. These are our favorites for PC, although some also have their version for consoles.

12. Miasmata
If what you are looking for is a good survival game with few requirements, we recommend that you take a look at Miasmata. Despite not being a graphic wonder, this adventure is one of the most original proposals that we have played lately. We will try to survive a deadly disease in a jungle full of dangers and scarce in resources.

11. State of Decay 2
The best option if we talk about zombie survival games. It is true that this second part introduces very few changes compared to its predecessor, but we still have that total freedom to use all the elements that are within our reach. Decision making will be vital to ensure the success of our group of survivors.

10. Rust
Another of the heavyweights of survival is Rust, a multiplayer in the first person that presents all the typical elements of the genre such as construction, hunting or gathering. We will be able to forge alliances, erect enormous buildings or tear down other people’s constructions armed to the gills. We must also be careful with hunger, hypothermia or wild animals.

9. Ark: Survival Evolved
A dinosaur survival game
Done. Ark: Survival Evolved plunges us into a prehistoric world in which we will have to sweat blood to stay alive. The main attraction of this title is that we can tame huge creatures like dinosaurs and leviathans. Ark is not the most revolutionary game of its kind, but it is one of the most fun out there.

8. The Forest
The narrative is once again the protagonist in The Forest, a fast-paced game in which we will have the difficult mission of recovering our son in an unknown jungle. The path will be infested with strange creatures that try to prevent it. As in any similar title, the management of resources and the crafting of shelters will be vital to get out alive.

7. Conan Exiles
With an extensive literary work behind him, Conan Exiles starts with a certain advantage. The game has a survival component because of how hard it is to stay alive in the lands of Hyboria, but it could also be classified as an RPG . Although the graphics are not the most spectacular we have seen, we have been left with our mouths open on more than one occasion.

6. This War of Mine
Just like in movies or on television, war games have always featured heroes who fear nothing. This War of Mine moves away from stereotypes and presents us with a story set in the Bosnian War: that of a group of survivors who spend their days in an underground shelter. Hunger, disease and discouragement will be the main obstacles to overcome. Not suitable for the most sensitive.

5. How to Survive
How to Survive is a Diablo-style isometric perspective zombie survival game. In this sense, it has something of a role-playing game and a lot of survival, and that is that the search for resources will be one of the key elements to survive hordes of the undead. One of the surprises of recent years that does not require too powerful PCs.

4. Terraria
In recent years, indie games in two dimensions and lateral perspective have become popular(what is known as Metroid). Among them, Terraria stands out, a mixture of survival and Minecraft-style management with a lot of personality and large doses of action. The best thing
that can be downloaded completely free for PC, consoles and mobile devices.

3. Metro: Exodus
We have already highlighted Metro: Exodus as one of the games we are most looking forward to trying in 2019, and we did so for two reasons. The first is that it is set in a post-apocalyptic literary world as interesting as it is dark. The second is that it is not the typical survival shooter, but the best possible experience for lovers of survival horror .

2. minecraft
Mojang’s classic survival game was released in 2009, although it presented its definitive version a couple of years later. Minecraft doesn’t set a specific objective, but instead places us in the middle of a vast open world where we’ll have to manage material resources, build shelters that are proof against evil creatures, and coexist with other players in online mode.
Subsequently, other game modes have been incorporated, such as a creative mode, an extreme mode for the most hardcore players or several campaigns for a single player. This benchmark of the genre requires few requirements, so don’t worry if you have a low-end PC.

1. Submarine
When we thought that the survival genre could not give more of itself, at the beginning of 2018 Subnautica was released, a survival and exploration game as complete as it is surprising . The title takes us to an alien planet in the confines of the universe where we will have to collect information about the different living organisms that live there.
The deep construction system and the beauty of the ocean that we cross are its main attractions. As if that were not enough, the game is compatible with virtual reality devices such as HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. The best survival game you will find on the market.

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