Did you know that Italian handbags are the most loved and most bought item by Arab ladies? It seems incredible, but despite the law in their country obliging them to wear anonymous black tunics with veils, Arab women adore Italian high fashion . And the bags – which unlike the clothes can be clearly visible – are a whim that they willingly indulge themselves. A recognition of great prestige, if anything were still needed , for the exceptional quality of our products.

The Italian tradition for processing leathers, arranging them in bags , dates back to the 12th century .

Tuscany was then the universal center of this industry. Forgotten between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, bags returned to use in the nineteenth century , thanks also to the new dynamic life of women who adopted this masculine item and made it one hundred percent feminine!

Miu Miu

There is no handbag in particular to stand out for this brand owned by Miuccia Prada . Miu Miu handbags – which also dominated the latest Milan fashion shows – are beautiful, lively and practical (removable shoulder straps, numerous pockets, bright colors) but without losing that elegance that makes them the most loved in the world.

Pumpkin by Fendi

Synonymous with elegance and absolute class, Fendi products in particular represent the most loved Italian handbags in the world. In particular, the Zucca Bag models stand out , on the shoulder, with refined prints and almost always neutral colors. The pockets are there, practical and well hidden inside.



It ranks third among the most popular Italian stock exchanges in the world, but with tendencies to rise in every moment. Prada, the “mother” of the Miu Miu line, could not be outdone.

The bags of this brand, however, are more oriented to the career woman, classy but dynamic. Elegant but accessible to a daily working day and very very beautiful.

Source: prada.com


Gucci Vintage Cruise

The fashion house also specializes in style accessories never contradicts itself. Her bags have that vintage flavor which, however, does not betray modernity. The model of the moment is Cruise 2018 , seventies prints, a touch of lively color in the center, inside pockets and shoulder transport.


The “Mughetti” of Furla

The Bolognese company is characterized, in international preferences, by the youthful style of its handbags. Even today, it is not denied, with the Mughetto handbags . Small, shiny, colorful, cheerful … for young women and for women who are always young!


Shoulder Cuoio The Bridge

Despite the name, The Bridge is a fast growing Italian company. Its specialty is leather, its target is young women who love country backpacks like the Shoulder .


Bugatti Jasmine by Braccialini

The most lively and rebellious fashion house in Italy offers imaginative bags, such as the prints of gastronomic recipes from the Postcards line and the embossed leather flowers for the Bugatti line.

Braccialini is a company from Florence, today present with its franchise in 60 countries around the world.


Alviero Martini

Alviero Martini is famous for its “geographic bags” at the moment with the Lily shoulder strap.

The company, born in Milan in the early 90s, has now become a protagonist on the world fashion scene thanks to products that combine quality with an unmistakable touch of creativity and class, which make Alviero Martini bags extremely sought-after products.

Postina bag by Zanellato

Youthful, modern, lively and practical, the Postina stands out as one of the most popular. Since 1999, the year in which Franco Zanellato developed his own brand, this brand has over time become synonymous with luxury and refined elegance.

The Zanellato bags collections tell of the typically Italian style and taste, appreciated not only by us but all over the world thanks to its boutiques, among which the international ones in Moscow and Tokyo stand out.


Cassette by Bottega Veneta

Delicious, large, dynamic… Bottega Veneta’s Cassettes deserve their place in the ranking among the top Italian handbags most loved by women all over the world! This is an Italian company operating in the luxury sector and renowned for its leather products. The brand owns an atelier located in an eighteenth-century villa in Montebello Vicentino, while the official headquarters are in Lugano, Switzerland, with Italian offices in Milan and Vicenza.