Everyone is talking about the end of Game of Thrones, but we are also on tenterhooks to know how the third season of The Handmaid’s Tale will go . This adaptation, which can also be enjoyed on Hulu, has become one of HBO’s essential productions, so presumably it will still have a long way to go.
What is certain is that soon we will be able to enjoy the third season, new episodes that would explain the open ending of the second installment. These are all the details we know so far.
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Where did we leave it in the second season
The end of the second season was puzzling for most viewers. It seemed thatJune had found her way out of Gilead , but at the last moment she backed out with the intention of getting her daughter Hannah back (or so we assume). Although this movement ruined the efforts of many characters to free her from her, we understand that this would be the decision of any mother.
The one who managed to escape the clutches of Gilead was Emily, who left behind her life as a servant with June’s newborn in her arms. On the other hand, we saw an evolution in characters like Rita, Nick and Selena, who could rebel against the system in the new installment.

What will the third season be about?
Contrary to what happens in other television adaptations, The Handmaid’s Tale will follow the plot of Margaret Atwood’s novel, although it will do so at a slower pace.
Bruce Miller, executive producer of the series, assured in an interview that he picks up TV Insider that this new season is “about resistance.” “ June resisting and June fighting . After a handful of seasons being humiliated, she’s had enough. She is finding ways to rebel,” says Miller.
The Handmaid’s Tale will follow the original novel. | Hulu.
On the other hand, he confirmed that part of the action moves to Washington DC, capital of the dystopian and authoritarian state of Gilead. In this sense, we can expect the beginning of the end of the repression, and is that the novel focuses on the progressive overthrow of Gilead. Commander Lawrence (Bradley Whitford) will play a pivotal role in the season.
One of the most intense moments of the second season was Emily’s attack on Aunt Lydia , but according to producer Warren Littlefield, the character played by Ann Dowd survives the attack. This event would have changed her mentality.

Trailer for the third season
The teaser of just over half a minute premiered during the 2018 Superbowl and is inspired by a Ronald Reagan bellof the 80s. Those responsible for the series wanted to establish a certain parallelism between the American politics of the 80s and the dystopian world of The Handmaid’s Tale. The result is brilliant.
The trailer offers few clues, but we can see some disturbing scenes to say the least. The first one is the image of Serena engulfed in flames. Does it symbolize a possible fight against the system that she herself helped to create?
The second is that of Commander Waterford in a violent attitude, something that, on the other hand, has become common.

date The date that we must record on fire is June 5 , the day that Hulu and HBO will premiere the first three episodes of the third season. The remaining 10 (will be 13 episodes in total), will premiere every week on HBO Spain.
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