Who doesn’t have a white shirt in their closet ? Probably almost all because this item of clothing is one of the must have absolutely in the wardrobe that will be useful on many occasions .

In fact it is perfect to wear in a casual way for every day and for a very elegant evening and combining it with a pair of black cigarette trousers or a pleated skirt with a vintage style will immediately change its appearance.

There are so many combinations that you can make and wearing a white shirt you are sure to be dressed well, with taste and refinement.
Classic, sleeveless and even those for men can be transformed for different occasions into the most suitable and above all very glam outfit .

The important thing is to be daring , even with accessories : necklaces, bracelets and hats will be the icing on the cake to be the most beautiful in the realm.

Let’s find out together the 14 combinations you can do with the white shirt:

1) Jeans and white shirt

Do you want a sporty but at the same time refined look ? Here is a classic white shirt combined with jeans immediately take 10 years off! Maybe all accompanied by a pair of very colorful sneakers and a leather jacket immediately tend to create a less formal and busy outfit.

2) White shirt and bell skirt

If, on the other hand, you prefer refined clothing with a vintage flavor , the advice is to combine a fairly tight white shirt with a bell skirt . This 50s look with a very bon ton flavor can be worn with comfortable ballet flats without taking away elegance and momentum from the figure.

3) White shirt and longuette

In addition to being a very elegant garment, the white shirt is also a formal garment . In fact, combined with a longuette skirt it guarantees to create an office effect, practical but at the same time elegant and suitable for work . In this case the suitable shoes must be with a minimum of heel to slim the silhouette.

4) White shirt and masculine look

The matching white shirt under a blazer or with cigarette trousers is also very sexy and elegant . In fact, the white shirt is the passepartout accessory, wearable on different occasions of use of the day and can make even a decidedly masculine outfit more feminine. For all those who want to be more daring, a shoe with a very high stiletto heel is recommended in total contrast with the clothing.

5) White shirt and miniskirt

Even for an evening of dancing full of fun in the disco , the white shirt can be a garment to wear with a lot of ease. In fact, combining it with a miniskirt , perhaps all in sequins, will no longer have that formal daytime style but will be the perfect match to be truly glamorous and chic.

6) White shirt and floral or animalier shorts

In view of the summer it is essential to look for comfortable and cool enough combinations not to sweat too much and also in this case the classic white shirt can come to the rescue. Combining it with floral or animal print shorts it will be the right look for a cocktail, to wear after 6pm.

7) White shirt for a country look

If, on the other hand, you are planning a trip out of town , perhaps in the countryside, or more simply you love country chic style , the white shirt will be the undisputed star for this look too. In fact, worn with jeans and a straw hat will give a touch of refinement to this outfit too.

8) His shirt

Obviously a white shirt cannot be missing in your closet and why not think about stealing it from him to try a new look ? Even if a little wide and abundant on the hips, thanks to a belt at the waist , she will transform into a very glamorous and refined outfit to go to the beach.

9) Total white

Although white dresses are usually worn in warm seasons, the total white look can be truly sophisticated and impactful even on cold winter evenings. In this case, the classic white shirt can be combined with very wide high-waisted trousers or with one that is more adherent and narrow at the bottom.

10) Boho style

Instead, for those who love the boho style , the advice is to combine this very classic garment with important accessories . In fact, the ethnic necklaces and bracelets will completely remove the idea of ​​a classic garment to give a little color and liveliness to the look you have chosen for the day.

11) Aperitif look

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a refined and elegant outfit but at the same time comfortable and that also protects you from the summer breeze, the white shirt can be transformed into a glamorous variant of the aperitif look. In fact, worn under a jacket entirely of sequins and with simple jeans it will be the garment that will make you stand out.

12) The variant for the aperitif? With black shorts

An aperitif awaits you in the city and you don’t want to be outdone by your friends? Then just wear your favorite white shirt together with a pair of black shorts and sandals or strictly heeled shoes . A really simple look but which at the same time will give you elegance and refinement.

13) Pastel look

Although until now we have often combined white with black, the combination with pastel shades cannot be excluded . In view of the spring and the beautiful sunny days, the look to show off is composed of: white shirt, abundant trousers and, if desired, a leather jacket for a more rock and roll air.

14) Under the little black dress

And who would have thought that this garment can also give a new life to the classic little black dress ? In fact, with or without sleeves, with a white shirt underneath, this dress too quickly got old .