In fact, beauty in the 21st century goes through every little detail, both of your clothing and of your body.

The decorated nails, following a fashion born in the 2000s, are an integral part of this trend , to the point that by now the enamel or the artistic drawing is no longer enough. Nail Art can almost be equated with tattooing, as it is now so sophisticated and in demand. So applying a color is no longer enough, you need at least two or three, you need to decorate your nails as if they were a canvas. Drawings must be an expression of mystery and complexity, otherwise there is no point in making them either.

The art of having spectacular nails arrives in 2020 and does so with this year’s fashion and with a series of colors that must once again make a difference.

What are the latest trends in nail decoration?

Here in the following lines, a mini guide for you dedicated to nail decoration, to always have them fashionable and beautiful to look at.

Flesh-colored nail

It sounds strange, but 2020 begins with the trend of one of the most classic colors ever. The “nude”, or the flesh pink. But the purpose is far from looking like the classic soap and water girl, because the flesh-colored nail in 2020 becomes a courageous mix of all shades of this color. Flesh pink yes, but reworked. 

The result is a whole new pink that can be completed with glitter decorations that are a great attraction again this year. In the case of nude pink, however, to avoid spoiling the sense of choice, the glitter must be marginal, on the tips or on a corner of the nail, and possibly with matching colors.

The decoration of the nail in this case should be hinted at, but sophisticated.

Dark nail decoration… with surprise!

Dark nails are still in fashion and in 2020 they return with a surprise novelty. We can define it “the nail out of the chorus”.

The trendy glazes for this year , regarding the dark colors, are black, dark gray, forest green, dark green. They can then be mixed, intertwined or used like this, in their simplicity.

The touch of class and leave a single nail of a different color: flesh-colored, or earth-colored, just to break without too much fuss. Dark nails can be decorated with refined, elegant, or a little crazy designs.

For example, the trendy nail design for 2020 and the so-called “animalier” that reproduces on the nails the patterns of the leopard, the turtle, the crocodile, the tiger. Nails decorated in this way will be the top for this year!

Black nails photo

Classic nails and nail jewelry

Don’t worry, red and its derivatives have not gone out of fashion and probably never will be .

You will not go wrong, therefore, if you put the coral red nail polish, the blood red nail polish, the burgundy. You can still sport classic red nails , or you can decorate your nails with fun symbols, such as eyes, flowers, animals and the like. Even compose sentences to apply on your nails.

The novelty of the “nail jewelry” is also interesting: these are tiny rings or mini snake thimbles that can be applied to very long nails to accentuate their beauty.

If this extravagance seems excessive to you and you want to stay in the field of Classic Nail Art, you can also have your nails decorated with shiny enamels and gold or silver colored glitter , which form designs and symbols on the naked nail, without any other addition of enamels or dyes.

Finally, green light for French Manicure, a type of art that decorates only the outer arch of the nails with ivory whites, or with bright and youthful colors. 

Red nails photo