Sometimes, it could be said that social networks are loaded by the Devil, or so more than one will think after seeing some of the worst blunders of celebrities on Twitter and Facebook . Although they are a good tool for celebrities to become known and increase their popularity, there are times when they should have stopped before posting depending on what content.

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10 worst blunders of celebrities
If a celebrity messes up on a social network or on television and posts or says something that is completely out of place, it is a matter of time before it transcends public opinion and a whole controversy is generated around of it.
Let’s look at some of these moments of glory.

10. When Hulk Hogan tweeted a compromising photo of his daughter
The former wrestler made an unfortunate slip by uploading an image of his daughter in 2012, in which Brooke Hogan appears in a tank top and short shorts sunbathing on her back. in a hammock
It is true that the best way to tan your skin is by wearing little clothing, but what generated controversy was the caption that read “Brooke’s legs”.After the revealing publication, Brooke had to come out to defend the relationship she has with her father , who responded to the comments indignantly:
“A father cannot be proud of his daughter without there being patients who see what she is not.”

9. David Bisbal does not understand why nobody visits the Pyramids of Egypt after an attack
Although there was no evil in his words, the singer David Bisbal covered himself with glory after posting a tweet in which he lamented the few people who were going to visit the Pyramids in those days… Shortly after the attack on a mosque in Egypt.
As expected, the blunder had its reaction on Twitter with the creation of the hashtag #TurismoBisbal. One of the worst blunders a celebrity can make on Twitter when their message is unclear and likely to cause confusion.

7. “I’m going to Africa, I hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding: I’m white!”
We do not know if one of Justine Sacco’s plans was to become famous, but of course we can say that if she had wanted to, surely she would not have been this way.
Sacco was public relations for a major company based in New York. On one of her business trips to South Africa, her homeland, she posted the aforementioned tweet. Shortly after, she went viral with the hashtag #HasJustineLandedYet (“has Justine landed yet?
”). As expected, the young woman lost her job because of the stir generated.

6. Charlie Sheen publishes his phone number
If you are not familiar with how social networks are used, what happened to good old Charlie Sheen could happen to you. The Two and a Half Men actor was attempting to send a private message to Justin Bieber that contained his phone number, but ended up tweeting it on his public notifications wall instead.
As expected, Sheen received an inhuman amount of messages and calls; But far from taking it badly, he responded to her Twitter blunder by posing as the manager of a pizzeria or answering calls with one of his jokes from the series.

5. Rafa Nadal fires Nelson Mandela… 3 months before his death
That’s right, the Manacori doesn’t escape committing one of those “Earth, swallow me” moments either. Mandela died in December 2013, however in September of that same year, he had been hospitalized for a serious lung infection.
Nadal published a heartfelt tribute on his personal Twitter account that ended with “Rest in peace #Nelson Mandela”, which he would try to correct shortly by posting “Wrong information”. However, this anecdote became one of the worst blunders of someone famous in recent years, by giving someone who was still alive for dead.

4. “Ebola is a form of population control” (Chris Brown)
A phrase to frame and underline in any book of famous unlucky quotes. During the crisis of this pandemic that killed 4,000 people in Africa and one in the United States at the end of 2014, the famous R & B singer could not think of a worse blunder that could be uploaded to his Twitter .

3. “I’ll hang out with a girl who comes from a Third World country, so at least she won’t have too many expectations of me” (50 cent)
At a good hour it occurred to the G-Unit rapper to upload this great reflection, without a doubt one of the worst blunders a celebrity can make public on Twitter, Facebook or wherever.

Let’s hope he thinks twice next time before opening his mouthif it’s not to mark some rhymes… Or well, better than not even for that.

2. “Despite the constant bad press COVFEFE” (Donald Trump)
Donald Trump has always been characterized by his controversial and politically incorrect statements, in addition to being a regular on Twitter. However, with this tweet, the president of the United States raised more confusion than anything else and generated a wave of memes and taunts that invaded his Twitter wall, in addition to collapsing the Internet.
One of the worst blunders that a celebrity can commit, especially when he is the owner of the first world power. This great moment of Trump is well worth the money on our list, although it is true that the current President has several pearls that could have earned him his own ranking.

1. “I adore Hitler” (John Galliano)
In 2011, a scandal was known that had John Galliano as the protagonist, the dressmaker who used to work for the Dior fashion brand.
The reason
? To utter anti-Semitic insults to a couple who were enjoying a beautiful evening in a cafeteria in the Marais district (Paris), among them:
“I adore Hitler”, “people like you should be dead. His father, his mother, all to the gas chamber”; in addition to other pearls such as “you are ugly” [ referring to the girl, who recorded what was happening in astonishment].
It was useless for the designer to show that he had had a drink too many (1.01 milligrams of alcohol in the blood according to the police breathalyzer), since the video cost him his job for Dior after running like wildfire through the networks social. Without a doubt, it is one of the worst blunders ever committed by a celebrity on Facebook, since the apology for Nazism is in no way justified.

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