The novelty lies in the fact that this time we will not capture Pokemon, but we will be able to generate friendship with several trainers, each one of them with a characteristic Pokemon. As soon as this adventure begins, we will meet Brock and Misty , mythical characters from the animated series, since they were the first companions of the protagonist Ash and his Pikachu.

What to expect from Pokemon Masters
According to what we have seen in the Canadian version, available from the early morning of August 7 only in the North American country, we will find 13 chapters of story mode, and 60 pairs of trainer and Pokemon, which we are going to unlock as we play, and that the game developers have already assured that they are going to implement many more, with the aim of having all the existing Pokemon in the game , although these forecasts are long term.
Pokemon Masters Gameplay Image. | DeNA
The main story takes us, the protagonist, to challenge the Pokemon Master League, and become the best trainer in Pasio and in the world. As we have already told, to do so we must first overcome these 13 chapters and improve our Pokemon companions to the maximum, although as has become the norm with mobile games backed by Nintendo,It will not require any payment to complete our Pokedex and access all the contents of the game.
With a new real-time combat mode, we will fight in 3 versus 3 battles, where we will have to combine the abilities of our Pokemon to optimize our combat techniques. At the start of the game, only the story mode will be available, but Nintendo has assured that it will add combat against our friends and opponents from around the world in future updates.

What Pokemon will we find in Pokemon Master
With the subsequent expansions that Nintendo has already confirmed, at the launch of the game we will find the following pairs of trainers:

Palossand accompanies the dark member of the High Command of Alola.
Acerola and Palossand. | DeNA

Agatha will have her partner from her anime, Gengar, who we can evolve into Mega Gengar.

Barry was our rival in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and will have the help of Piplup, which we can evolve into Prinplup and Empoleon.
Barry and Piplup. | DeNA

Gym Leader Blaine will be accompanied by his inseparable Ponyta.

The original rival, and grandson of Professor Oak in the series, is accompanied by the Pidgeot characteristic of him.
Blue and Pidgeot. | DeNA

Brawly, as usual, is inseparable from his fighting-type Pokemon, and Makuhita will be the one to accompany him on this occasion.

Brendan is our character in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald if we choose to play as a boy, and he is accompanied by the third-generation grass-type starter Pokemon, Treecko.
Brendan and Treecko. | DeNA

Brock will be one of the first that we will meet in the game, and will have the help of his inseparable Onix, in addition to Tyranitar in an alternative version of the mythical rock-type gym leader.
Brock and Onyx. | DeNA

Bruno arrives direct from Kanto High Command with Machamp.

From Pokemon Black and WhiteThis gym leader specializing in ice-type Pokemon comes to us, and at his side, his imposing Cryogonal.

From Azalea Town comes Bugsy, with Beedrill at his side. On this occasion, we can use its mega-evolution to help us in combat.

Arriving from Sinnoh, Abomasnow accompanies this young gym leader specializing in the ice type.

From the High Command of Pokemon Black and White comes this powerful rival, accompanied by the Psychic-type Pokemon Reuniclus.

Stoutland accompanies Cheren on her first adventure since the fifth generation.

Our faithful friend of the fourth generation appears in Pokemon Masterswith his particular Blissey.

This fearsome gym leader joins the squad with the almighty Kingdra.
Clair and Kingdra. | DeNA

Clay comes to Pokemon Masters after being introduced in the fifth generation, and will fight by our side with the peculiar Palpitoad.

This gym leader, more typical of a WWE match than a Pokemon game, will join the roster alongside Floatzel.

One of the most beloved trainers by all fans of the saga, Cynthia, comes to Pokemon Masters with her powerful Garchomp.
Cynthia and Garchomp. | DeNA

Gardevoir will accompany Diantha in this new adventure in mobile format.

Once again, a member of the High Command joins Pokemon Masters , in this case with the friendly but powerful Dragonite.

Elesa and her Zebstrika arrive at lightning speed to this list of trainers.

The Grass-type Gym Leader comes to Pokemon Masters with her Vileplume.

A fan-favorite trainer, Flannery, comes to Pokemon Masters accompanied by Torkoal.
Flannery and Torkoal. | DeNA

A motley coach as they come, who joins the squad alongside Infernape.

Roserade will go hand in hand with the Sinnoh Gym Leader.

Accompanied by Amaura, it will delight fans of rock-type Pokemon.

A member of the Unova High Command, he arrives at this edition accompanied by his dark-type Pokemon Liepard.

Mudsdale is chosen to accompany this powerful trainer from the Alola region.

Our friend/rival in Pokemon Sun and Moon , joins Pokemon Masters with the Alolan regional variant of Raichu.

The male protagonist of Pokemon Black and White teams up with the initial water-type pokemon and its evolutionary line, Oshawott, Dewott and Samurott.

Hillbert’s female counterpart, Hilda, takes over Tepig, and its two subsequent evolutions, Pignite and Emboar.
Hilda and Tepig. | DeNA

After accompanying Ash in the anime, the trainer arrives hand in hand with Haxorus at Pokemon Masters .
Iris and Haxorus. | DeNA

The silent ninja joins the roster alongside Ariados, the mighty electric spider.

The Bird Mistress comes from the wing of Toucannon, the colorful flying Pokemon from Alola.

Direct from the Johto High Command, Karen arrives with Houndoom, which we can evolve into Mega Houndoom in combat.

From Yantra City, we have Korrina with her inseparable Lucario, which we can mega evolve in combat.
Korrina and Lucario. | DeNA

Crobat is the one chosen by Koga to participate in the new Pokemon game for mobile devices.

The female playable character from Pokemon Crystal joins the roster alongside the Totodile evolutionary line (Croconaw and Feraligatr).

Another of the public’s favorites, Lance appears in this new game along with his inseparable Dragonite.

Along with Lunatone, this fearsome duo will be one of the characters in Pokemon Masters .

After helping Ash travel in the anime, Lorelei and her Lapras join the list of available Pokemon and trainer pairs.

Lt. Surge
After appearing in one of the most emotional chapters of Pokemon’s first season, this strong gym leader arrives in Pokemon Masters with his friend Voltorb.

The female protagonist of Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver will carry Chikorita with her, and can evolve it into Bayleef and Meganium.

Our character when starting the game. She will accompany us Pikachu, one of the most emblematic characters of the entire franchise.
Protagonist and Pikachu. | DeNA

From Sinnoh comes Marley and his Arcanine, a fast Pokemon as they come.

This water-type trainer arrives riding the waves with his characteristic Carracosta.

This brutal member of the High Command comes to Pokemon Masters accompanied by the aggressive Conkeldurr.

Straight from Sinnoh comes Maylene, the region’s fighting-type gym leader from Meditite.

The imposing Granbull arrives from the hand of his trainer Mina.

After accompanying Ash on endless adventures, Misty joins the Pokemon Masters roster with her usual Starmie.
Misty and Starmie. | DeNA

The Alola version of Persian will be the Pokemon that will accompany Nanu in this new game.

The proud trainer who captured Articuno appears on our phones with Pinsir, which we can evolve into Mega Pinsir.

Our father in the third generation of Pokemon, and a powerful normal-type gym leader, Norman will fight alongside us with his incredibly lazy but equally powerful Slaking.

La Kahuna from Akala Island introduces herself to Pokemon Masters with Lycanroc, in her midnight form.

This Hoenn High Command trainer specializes in ghost-type Pokemon, and this is corroborated by her companion Dusclops.

Professor Kukui
The person who introduces us to Alola, Professor Kukui, will join our team alongside Lycanroc.

This veteran ice-type trainer is accompanied by Seel, who we can evolve into Dewgong.

Gym leader and farmer Ramos will fight alongside Weepinbell in Pokemon Masters .

The eternal Red, will join the squad of this new video game along with his magnificent Charizard.
Red and Charizard. | DeNA

Following his introduction in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl , Roark joins the roster of available characters with his cool Cranidos.

Eligible as a playable character in Pokemon Black and White, Rosa will fight with Snivy, which we can evolve into Servine and Serperior.

After fighting her in Pokemon Rubi, Sapphire and Emerald , we know her powerful Nosepass her.

With her entire gym dedicated to Rock, Roxie shows up at Pokemon Masters with the Whirlipede that beat Ash’s Pikachu.

This member of the Pokemon Black and White High Command lands on our list along with Chandelure.

A member of the Kalos High Command, Siebold is featured alongside Clawitzer in this new Pokemon game.
Siebold and Clawitzer. | DeNA

This Gym Leader who specializes in using Flying-type Pokemon joins our list alongside Swanna.

This trainer, Ash’s friend in the series, and Kahuna from Ula Ula Island, comes to Pokemon Masters along with his inseparable Togedemaru.

The third generation champion will help us in combat with his powerful Metagross.

Accompanying his sister Liza, Tate joins the squad with his more than usual Solrock.

This factory manager has a hand for Pokemon battles, and he shows it along with Bronzong.
Thorton and Bronzong. | DeNA

This great trainer will join the squad along with her companion Surskit.

Whitney was the nightmare of thousands of players, who we had to try countless times to be able to beat her gym, and the culprit for this is none other than Miltank, the Pokemon that accompanied her in this new appearance of the trainer.
Whitney and Miltank. | DeNA

This member of the Kalos High Command introduces himself to Pokemon Masters alongside the mysterious Aegislash and his two forms.

Another member of the High Command that joins the squad, this time from Johto, and next to Xatu, the psychic bird Pokemon.

This trainer specializing in the flying type comes to the new game from The Pokemon Company along with Pelipper, the pelican Pokemon.

Closing out the list, this Ice-type Gym Leader will face off against our rivals with Avalugg.

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