Socks are practical and functional accessories, which can never be missing in a woman’s wardrobe. The new fashion trends have raised the stylistic canons, proposing them in increasingly trendy shapes, for a comfortable  and glamorous effect at the same time. 

In fact, women ‘s socks are created to dress the foot with charm and accompany it all day long, successfully enhancing any shape or style idea.

The credit goes to proposals with innovative lines, such as these women’s socks by Helene Oui , which allow you to enhance every side of your personality and satisfy any preference thanks to the wide variety of models: from colored socks , which capture the attention with a touch of inspiration, to those in cotton , to always appear impeccable with a hint of simplicity.

Socks for a chic outfit

Naturally, the selection of the perfect sock passes through a careful observation of the outfit. For a look that is simple but elegant at the same time, the choice can only fall on glitter socks , solutions that Helene Oui has included in her fashion collections with the Glossy model

Indeed, these socks have an indisputable charm and give the foot a delicate glamorous effect thanks to an elegant luminous shade . In addition, they are made with both gold and silver glitter, in perfect harmony with the more fashionable side of the new high fashion trends.

Among the coolest models, however, one cannot fail to mention the sheer socks : a category of particular socks that dresses the foot thanks to pleasant chiaroscuro shades. 

Helene Oui’s collections enhance this trend with Stripes , a model of transparent striped socks that are not only beautiful, but also extra comfortable thanks to an ergonomic structure that follows every curve of the foot.

Sports socks to always be at the top

Even if socks are an indispensable trendy accessory, to have the best and above all their functional side. 

Whether it is sports socks or to wear in everyday life, the feature to pay more attention to is comfort: the fabric must ensure perfect breathability and an optimal fit , as well as a level of elasticity capable of ensuring a perfect seal throughout the day. The sock, in fact, must not deform or mark the skin, and must guarantee maximum comfort, in any situation .

This is why cotton socks , such as those offered by Helene Oui’s fashion collections, ensure a perfect fit, even after many hours. 

The credit goes to a carefully selected cotton, subjected to a skilful manufacturing process, from which we obtain a product with excellent finishes , whose softness prevents sweat and rubbing from causing discomfort to the skin. 

Of course, these are always patterned socks with a striped, heart or polka dot pattern, perfect to show off with a sporty look, combined with a pair of sneakers.

Lace socks and socks for a discreet look

For a sober outfit that requires practicality and discretion from the socks, the choice can only fall on the ghosts . The most modern models, made of soft microfibre , are ideal to wear with ballet flats to combine the benefits of socks with the cool effect of bare feet. 

However, for a minimalist mood, which if necessary knows how to surprise, and above all the Pizzo model by Helene Oui, the little ghost who dresses the feet with a soft floral embroidery.

The importance of the right sock

Women ‘s short socks today represent an indispensable must-have precisely because they adapt to any time of day. 

Indispensable at work , they are essential in free time , when a breathable sock or with natural fiber can support, better than any other accessory, the weight of long walks in the open air. 

All the new fashion collections, of course, give life to fashion socks , to enhance each outfit with a touch of uniqueness and fantasy.