The beard has always been sported as a sign of well-being and social position since ancient times, until the moment when modern man decided that a clean face was more suitable for progress.

Thanks to the hipster culture of recent years, the male beard has however returned to the scene, with men who have shown it off in many styles and shapes, including the most popular Bandholz – the typical and thick beard cut typical of Hipster.

After all, a beard can almost drastically alter our appearance, helping to donate a few years on too young-looking faces, cover scars or even make you look more confident.

uniform beard

If we talk about a trendy beard , wear a uniform cut and always a sign of style, thanks to its appearance that can adapt both to a casual evening and to an important business meeting: the important thing is to keep it neat and tidy. In this case it is essential to have a full and thick beard, even its length can vary according to personal preferences ranging from a few millimeters up to over 1 centimeter in length.


The classic trendy beard cut in a hipster style . The name comes from that of Eric BandHolz, a guy who quit his job in the financial sector to launch his line of beard products called BeardBrand.
All this as a form of protest against the company for which he worked, which had zero tolerance for the beard, thus requiring all his employees to have a clean and smooth face.

Also in this case you need a thick and long beard: it could take several months before you can show it off in public.

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Among the types of trendy beards, the goatee certainly holds a record .

“Little effort and a lot of performance”: this is how we could define the classic goatee, which has always been a trend after all. The important? Show it off with style and with a matching haircut!

Getting it is simple and looks good on all face shapes.


What more could you ask for? Let’s see together some tips on how to manage your trendy beard cuts!

How to take care of a man’s beard: tips and tools of the trade

To have a perfect beard you need commitment and technique: here are some tips that will help you.

Keep order

It doesn’t take much for the beard to go from having a neat look worthy of Wall Street to a hodgepodge of hair that turns in all directions.

Equipping and using a beard trimmer helps to keep the beard at the right length, preventing the hair from protruding excessively. In fact, this does not grow at the same speed all over the face and a few days are enough for it to begin to lose shape.

For an even sharper look you can shave the neck and sides of the face, thus tracing sharper lines.

Use suitable products

Very often we are in a hurry and we happen to shave our beard without using a pre-shave lotion . This causes great friction between the blade and the skin, causing cuts, redness and annoying ingrown hairs to appear.
Rely on a shaving foam or even the most classic soap and your skin will thank you.

You can then apply an oil or an aftershave as needed to complete the whole.

Don’t forget the mustache

Too many times the beloved mustache is neglected, often causing it to grow excessively and cover the upper lip. In this case, just buy some scissors to keep it in place: this is an accessory that can then come in handy when it comes to thinning further, especially if your purpose is a long and full beard.