Suppose you have decided to watch a few series to learn English , but you are afraid of not being up to the level and not understanding anything of what they are saying. On the other hand, you do not trust that this is an effective method for you and you end up surrendered to subtitles or dubbing.
Well, you don’t have to worry. We bring you a selection of series to learn in a simple way according to your level , from the most basic (A1), through the intermediate (B1), to the most advanced (C1). So that you have it clear, we also point out the advantages and disadvantages of learning English by watching series.

1. Series to learn basic English.
2. Series to learn intermediate English.
3. Series to learn advanced English.
4. Some tips to learn by watching series.
5. Advantages of learning by watching series.
6. Disadvantages of learning by watching series.

The best series to learn basic English (A1-A2)
If you want to start with the basics and need to improve your vocabulary base, we bring you a few simple options to start watching series in English.

1. Sense8
A good series to learn English is one that uses a fairly simple or understandable vocabulary or one that shows us all the nuances of the language. Sense8 is one of the latter, since each of the protagonists is from a different part of the world and so can familiarize yourself with all the accents . The language they use is also not too complex, so with a little effort you will be able to follow it.

2. The Simpsons
If you want to have a fun time learning English, The Simpsons is the perfect series. You will laugh out loud with the pronunciation of Homer and Marge (among others) while you learn basic concepts of the language . The vocabulary is not complicated, so users with a simpler level of English can follow it perfectly.

3. Pocoyo
We’re not kidding. We may have accelerated and we are proposing something too difficult. If your English level is nulltry watching entertainment programs for the little ones like Pocoyo. The plot may not be Emmy-winning and the plot twists may be non-existent (after all, who cares about the life of a pink elephant), but you’ll learn a lot.

The best series to learn intermediate English (B1-B2)
You are able to follow a series in the original version and now you want to expand your vocabulary, understand most of the script and capture other nuances such as pronunciation or set phrases. These are some valid options for intermediate English.

4. Game of Thrones
We have chosen Game of Thrones because it is impossible for you to get distracted by this series. Even if you don’t understand what they say, this is one of the most appropriate because you will be watching what happens on the screen. The vocabulary they use is not easy, but not so convoluted as not to understand anything.

5. Stranger Things
Children are often more difficult to understand than adults, mainly because they use more complicated slang and because the pronunciation is not as clear. This successful series on Netflix is ​​full of dialogue between children , so you will find it most useful.

6. Friends
We continue with the best-known sitcom of all time. It turns out that these types of comedies are ideal for learning the language, since the space for canned laughter is the time needed for your head to assimilatewhat they just said. We have put Friends on this list, but it is also worth it with Big Bang Theory or The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

7. Mad Men
Let’s say that this is the bridge that unites the intermediate level with the advanced level, the B2 exam of the English series. This series is a good way to learn the slang of the audiovisual sector and write down some of the idioms (expressions or proverbs) that are most used . Plus, it’s an anthology series.

The best series to learn advanced English (C1-C2)
If you know most of the words in English and you are able to follow a conversation with a native speaker more or less fluently, it is time to take the next step and go for English. advanced. These series, with a more technical language, will help you improve.

8. House of Cards
Political language is usually the most complicated. On the other hand, it is the best series to practice your American English , in case you want to start a professional career in the United States. You will also learn how the American political system works and some ins and outs of justice.

9. Mr. Robot
In Mr. Robot a fairly complex computer language is used even for someone with perfect English. On the other hand, the script is full of reflections of the protagonist, with metaphors and other linguistic resources for those who want to test his level. If you manage to follow the development of events, you will enjoy one of the best series of all time.

10. Sherlock
An ideal series for those who want to learn English with a perfect British accent . We must mention the magnificent interpretation of Benedict Cumberbatch in the role of Sherlock Holmes and the moments in which the protagonist unravels the mystery, a succession of quick deductions for the most expert. It is worth paying attention.

11. Downton Abbey
As in the previous case, a series to perfect the British accent. You will learn cultured and gentrified expressions while enjoying one of the most awarded series of all time. We must emphasize the great performances of the cast, which you will enjoy much more in the original version.

12. Peaky Blinders
Peaky Blinders dialogues test the most diligent student. As the series takes place in Birmingham in the 1920s, we find a series of quite complex local and colloquial expressions . If you manage to understand the dialogues, we are in a position to affirm that you can travel to any Anglo-Saxon country without fear of not knowing how to communicate.

Tips while you watch series and learn English
Below we offer you a series of tips and recommendations for when you are watching series and your intention is to end up improving your English.

1. Write down what you don’t understand
You may not understand much of the words they say. We recommend that you have paper and a pen handy and write down in a notebook those words that are relevant to the series. Every day you will have a list of words whose meaning you can then search on Google . You will always learn something.

2. Do not get frustrated
Those with less knowledge of English may get frustrated when they see that they are not able to follow the plot of the series. Be patient with yourself and think of it as a hobby. At first you may be unable to follow the thread, but as the weeks go by you will lose the fear of not understanding anything .

3. Do not anticipate
When you think you’re ready to take the next step, do it, but if you have a hard time understanding most of the dialogue in a simple series, stay at that level for as long as it takes . It may take weeks or months before you begin to understand most of the chapter. The point is that you have fun learning.

Advantages of watching series to learn English
This is a method that can give good results if you put it into practice regularly.

1. It’s fun
Watching series is one of the favorite pastimes of many people, especially now that streaming platforms like Netflix or HBO are triumphing. On the other hand, there are many viewers who prefer the original version because they believe that it better captures the interpretation of the actors and actresses.

2. You catch the pronunciation
If you watch series in English you will notice the nuances of the pronunciation, something that does not happen with textbooks. Our recommendation is that you accompany this learning method with others, because watching series can never replace classes with a native teacher. You can also meet a friend or friend and comment on the series in English.

Disadvantages of watching series to learn English
This practice also has a number of advantages. You must assess if it is the way that best suits you.

1. Easy distraction Keeping
things as they are: This is not the most disciplined method out there. You may end up getting distracted by anything or you may find the plot of the series so interesting that you decide to end up watching it with subtitles or dubbed into Spanish. Therefore, we recommend that you choose a series that you have already seen before and that you would not mind seeing again.

2. It doesn’t always suit you
In this case, it will be you who has to adapt to the level required by the script of the series. You may understand the first five minutes and then they start talking in a more complicated language, making you lose the thread. We repeat once again: you must lose the fear of not understanding anything, and is that learning a language is not an easy task. Over time you will get used to it.

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