Pete Docter stands out for being the director of some of the most popular and well-known Pixar animated films, such as the case of ‘Monsters, SA’, ‘Up’ or the mythical ‘Del Reves (Inside Out)’, which Parents and children loved it so much 4 years ago, when it was officially released in 2015.
On this occasion, and during the celebration of Disney’s D23 exhibition in California, we learned that he will be the person chosen to direct one of the latest films Pixar animated films , after ‘Toy Story 4’ has helped the company achieve another box office record, after knowing that it has managed to surpass the barrier of 1,000 million dollars in collection.
Under the title of ‘Soul’ we find ourselves before a film that, it seems, could well bear a resemblance to ‘Del Reves’, in which Pixar told us a beautiful story situated between two worlds, the interior and the exterior of the mind of Riley, an eleven-year-old girl -inspired, by the way- in the director’s daughter-, and in which the young woman lives a particularly traumatic moment after her family moved from Minneapolis (Minnesota) to San Francisco.

What is ‘Soul’ about?

The main plot centers around a high school music teacher named Joe Gardner., who is also passionate about jazz music. One day he suffers an accident, and as a result, his soul is transported to a place known as “You Seminar”, in which souls develop, acquire emotions and, again, are sent back to the world of the living. for the purpose of introduction into newborn infants.
Thus culminating a particular life cycle in which number 22 (played vocally by Tina Fey) seems to get lost, and whom the charitable soul of Joe will try to help.

Cast of ‘Soul’
As we have already advanced just a few hours ago, it seems that Pixar has wanted to step strong as far as voice dubbing is concerned.
Thus, we have known that for the original dubbing of ‘Soul’,the animation company has turned to actor Jamie Foxx to interpret the voice of Joe Gardner himself , to the aforementioned Tina Fey under the voice of 22, and to Daveed Diggs.
There is no doubt that music will have a truly important role in the film, according to the story that we have been told regarding the plot, hence Pixar has hired Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, who will work in order to create an ambitious soundtrack in which jazz, of course, will have a prominent place.
The protagonist of ‘Soul’: 22 | Pixar – Disney
At the moment we know little else, although during the celebration of D23, Disney projected an entire scene, helping us to get an idea about what the movie could look like. In it, for example, Pixar wanted to focus on Joe Gardner’s passage from his accident to “You Seminar”, and his first meeting with 22.
Obviously, we do not have more information. But possibly it will be enough to give us an idea that the story will be as moving as it is dramatic, as well as very, very beautiful.

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