Hard to believe but some of Hollywood ‘s most famous stars have been homeless . For many of them, becoming actors was the dream that took them away from a life of misery and hardship.

Many sacrifices to achieve fame and success and many of these VIPs have lived like real bums . Penniless but with a lot of hope, these 8 famous stars have had their revenge from life thanks to their stubbornness and fortitude.

Park benches , caravans parked in a relative’s garden, and there is even someone who has had to sell their dog in exchange for a few paltry dollars to be able to eat.

Now that they are rich and famous they do not deny their origins and, indeed, with great pride they tell of the bad misadventures they have overcome to become actors.

8) Hilary Swank

The American actress and producer Hilary Swank , before becoming rich and famous, had to go through very difficult situations in her life. In fact, she lived in a trailer before her and, after her parents’ divorce, at the age of 16, she was forced to sleep in a car with her mother near Los Angeles. The actress said that during her childhood, the only time she was fine and happy as a child was when she was reading a book or watching a movie. The fact of being able to identify with different characters of her pushed her towards a career as an actress.

7) Sylvester Stallone

The very famous Hollywood star even had to sell his dog to eat. In fact, when he was still young and unknown, he said he was forced to trade his dog for $ 40 to get by. Only when I became a star, after selling Rocky ‘s script , did I manage to buy back his four-legged friend. He was asked $ 15,000 by the new owner to get his dog back: “ It was worth every single penny ,” the actor confessed.

6) Jim Carrey

Even the hilarious actor Jim Carrey didn’t initially have an easy life. The son of a musician and accountant and a housewife, Jim and his family were forced to live in a van parked in a relative’s garden due to financial problems. They later moved to the Toronto suburbs but Jim soon left the walls of his home. In fact, at the age of 16, I dropped out of school to pursue a career as a comedian, initially working in clubs as an imitator.

5) Halle Berry

Halle Berry , the American actress who was awarded for her performances with an Oscar and a Silver Bear , had to face some really difficult experiences before reaching these great milestones. In fact, Halle moved to New York alone at the age of 21 to become an actress. Her mother, who initially gave her some money, stopped helping her financially and the young actress, in order to survive, was forced to stay in shelters for the homeless .

4) Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez was born to a family of Portuguese origins and lived with them in Castle Hill, a neighborhood of New York where there is a high concentration of crime. Even though she Jennifer took singing and dancing lessons from the age of 5, her parents would have preferred her to go to college. To pursue her dream of her, Lopez ran away from home at 18 and during that time she slept on the sofa in the rehearsal room where she trained.

3) David Letterman

David Letterman , before he became famous, moved to Los Angeles from Indiana. He too, like other famous people, was forced to sleep in the car. In fact, Letterman lives in his car for a few weeks, a pickup truck .

2) Daniel Craig

Before becoming Agent 007 , Daniel Craig had a difficult time. In fact, not being rich and famous yet, he had to sleep on the London benches waiting for a good job offer.

1) Chris Pratt

After dropping out of college and several jobs, Chris Pratt moved to Hawaii at 19, where, before being discovered by director Rae Dawn Chong , he slept in a van or tent on the beach .