To start the school year, when renewing your office supplies or before signing an important contract, you will ask yourself which are the best brands of pens on the market. Here is a practical guide in this regard.

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1. Brands of good pens: a quick guide.
2. Best brands of good pens.
3. Best brands of luxury pens. Good Pen Brands: A Quick Guide
Despite the invasion of computers, the pen is a survivor and remains an essential tool in homes, offices and schools . That is why it is always good to take into account the following recommendations when buying one of them, and hit the best brands that exist in the market. 1. Writing
When it comes to writing, the two characteristics you have to take into account are the ink and the point: you have to decide if you prefer a fine point pen(Pilot is the most popular) although the ink is more humid, or traditional like the classic Bic pen, with a more rudimentary tip but agile in writing and with vegetable ink that does not run. 2. Comfort
The second big key to choosing a good pen is grip comfort, especially if you are going to use the pen constantly. Among the brands of pens on the market , there are the most ergonomic designs that allow you to write for hours without hurting your fingertips. 3. Price
Thirdly, we must look at the price, although today the market offers a large number of solid brands with an advantageous quality-price ratio. In that sense, the design (more exclusive or more functional),the duration or the tone of the ink can be the complementary features that tip the balance. Good pen brands
Currently the market offers a wide range of pen brands that offer an attractive design, an agile slide and a high line quality, at the same time as an affordable price. 1. Bic Ballpoint Pen
Undoubtedly one of the most recommended brands of simple ballpoint pens and the market’s favorite for combining a light stroke and an affordable price. The competitive quantity-price relationship of the Bic pen is presented in the market at 1.20 euros per unit and several advantages such as ink and design. In addition, there are several packs such as the box of 50 pens (Bic Cristal Original).
But without a doubt, the great advantage offered by the Bic pen is the viscous nature of the ink in oil, which makes it slide over the paper very easily and without running or smearing. The hexagonal structure adapts comfortably to the fingers, and as the handle is transparent, it allows you to calibrate the available ink reserve.
It also contains a cap that allows identifying the color of the ink (currently Bic offers a wide range of colors among which blue, black and red predominate ). A simple pen designed for daily office work, but very effective. 2.Pilot
Another of the highlights is Pilot, which has developed several models and whose Pilot V-5 continues to be one of the favorites on the market. The two great competitive advantages it offers are durability and writing comfort . It is currently on the market for around 2 euros.
The original Pilot, the V-5, has a light line although the ink is wet, and this means that there is a risk of bleeding during writing, especially depending on the material of the support. Pilot has developed other pens that are very well positioned in the market , such as the Super Grip or the G-2, which have a transparent grip and permanent ink.
Within the Pilot V-5 group, the brand has developed two models. The original has a 0.3mm line, extra-fine tip and gel ink, while the consumer-favorite Pilot V-5 Ball combines liquid ink technology with a patented inkjet system to ensure smooth, uninterrupted writing. 3. Milan round tip
It is one of the favorite pens for making medium strokes, as it has a medium round tip of 1 millimeter and its market price is ridiculous (you have a pack of 25 pens for around 12 euros) . The size of the line allows for good readability while gliding smoothly over the paper.
This pen does not have a cap, but its opening and closing mechanism is produced by a retractable mechanism that is activated and deactivated with the button on the upper end. In addition, the body offers a soft touch texture that makes it very pleasant when writing, and is topped with a clip that allows you to hold it to paper or a notebook.
Undoubtedly one of the most widely used ballpoint pen brands, Milan ballpoint pens use German ink and are highly valued for their durability (1,200 meters). 4. Parker
This English pen house has been producing various kinds of pens and ballpoint pens for a century that could be considered mid-range (you can find them from 14 euros) and that present, among other advantages,a design that combines elegance and tradition , and a firm writing whose effectiveness is given by innovative technology.
What does this precision machine consist of?
It is a pen made of polished stainless steel with a clip as a finish and a laser-engraved holding area. Its innovative technology offers a retractable mechanism that allows it to be closed with a simple downward pressure movement.
As for the ink, it has a 0.7 millimeter line with a medium round tip equipped with the Quickflow system . Its design is very architectural, as it is inspired by the historical monuments of London (the engraving in the fastening area shows the Gothic arches of the Palace of Westminster).5. Staedtler
For many years the classic Staedtler pens offered efficient writing but with a transparent cylindrical handle that was uncomfortable and difficult to grip. The new generation of Staedtler ballpoint pens has a triangular body that makes it easier to hold, maintains the quality of the ink and comes at a competitive price (about 0.30 euros).
The traditional structure of the Staedtler ballpoint pen shows a transparent grip that allows you to see the level of the ink and a cap with the color, but one of the great advantages it offers is the low price compared to the long duration (more than 3,000 meters) . Contains oil ink in various colors and a line of 0.5 millimeters. 6. Faber Castell
Faber-Castell continues to position itself as one of the best brands and one of the favorites of users, as it offers a range of products that is regularly reviewed and completed by new designs, colors and last-generation mechanisms . It has both pressure mechanism and twist mechanism pens.
In addition, Faber-Castell has a wide collection of pens made of different materials (metal, plastic, wood, resin) that vary in price according to their complexity, but can be found on the market from 10 euros . One of the most used is the fine tip of 0.6 millimeters. 7. Caran D’Ache
Swiss precision in writing is named after Caran D’Ache, a Geneva company founded in 1915 that offers a wide range of products for writing and painting in general. Using the pseudonym of cartoonist Emmanuel Poire, he is synonymous with a refined blend of style, precision, and comfort.
Regardless of the price, many consider it the best pen on the market for the quality of its writing and the duration, in addition to its designs with luxurious finishes .
The jewel in the crown remains, since it was invented in 1969, the Caran D’Ache fine point 849, which can be found on the market from 15 euroswith more than interesting features: with a unique and timeless style, purist lines and ideal proportions, it is comfortable and light, hexagonal, with a retractable push-button mechanism and inks in various colors. The best brands of luxury pens
Ideal to give as gifts or to acquire as decorative elements and for exclusive use for special occasions. Some are fountain pens, but others work like ballpoint pens. 8. Waterman Hemisphere This is an exclusive penwhich is at the forefront of the top brands of luxury pens thanks to the combination of a high-end design with an effective structure dominated by the rollerball writing system, which is distinguished by its intensity and fluidity. The Waterman Hemisphere is priced between 60 and 80 euros.
The characteristic that makes it special is that the ink is more intense than the usual ballpoint pens and, at the same time, it has an agile and delicate line , which allows a legible writing free of stains and smudges. The body of the pen is slim enough to be comfortable to use.
Interestingly, the design of this pen offers a blue colored structurealthough the original ink is black. However, when you buy the Hemisphere waterman you have to keep in mind that the ink is not included as standard, but you have to buy it instantly or, otherwise, you will be buying an empty pen. 9. Montblanc Boheme Bleu
The house of Montblanc, one of the best brands on the market in terms of the high range, as it offers an alternative to the fine tip but maintains a legible line and a pleasant glide without sacrificing elegance. and the style . It is on the market at a price of around 400 euros.
In fact, many users who opt for this pen are attracted by its design with fine lines, slim body and a black resin finish.that contrasts with the three platinum-plated rings on the tip. It is finished off with a sapphire blue stone embedded in the tip of the clip that gives it personality, identity and distinction.
A pen for special occasions that doesn’t skimp on writing benefits , offering a sharp, legible blue midpoint stroke to highlight your writing on black ink. In addition, it has a medium diameter that makes it quite ergonomic. 10. Scribe Sword
Ideal as a gift, the Scribe Sword luxury ballpoint pen is a magnificent fountain pen with a special tip that allows for better quality strokes and lines. However, unlike other pens, this one comes with the ink included and also has a retractable tip thatwe can hide as if it were a normal pen .
Among its many advantages, in addition to an attractive shiny platinum finish, the Scribe Sword provides a balance of weight and a constant flow of ink that is crucial in a writing instrument.
His writing is so polished and of such high quality that it comes with instructions on how to use it properly and maximize its potential.

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