Beautiful, rich and famous but marked by addiction . It is not easy to withstand the pressure of fame and it happens more and more often that celebrities and movie stars have to resort to one of the many specialized clinics to overcome nervous breakdowns or addictions.

Drugs, alcohol, sex, drugs, so on and so forth! In fact, the decision, more or less voluntary by VIPs, to go to a rehab can be for the most varied reasons and not only for the “classic” drug addiction.

Unfortunately, for many of them, a single hospitalization was not enough to definitively get rid of their dark sides, because in the course of their life they have fallen into the same mistake more than once .

But who are these celebrities who have managed to cure themselves and take back the reins of their lives thanks to drug addiction treatments by entering a rehab?

Let’s find out together the 17 VIPs who entered the clinic to detoxify:

1) Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson was once again admitted to a mental health clinic to resolve some “emotional issues”. The choice of her was made voluntarily by the model and musician to try to fight her long struggle against depression and substance abuse. In fact, it is not the first time that Paris has asked for help from specialized centers, especially after the suicide attempts of the past years. The young celebrity said she was ” exhausted and without energy, after a particularly stressful year in terms of work and humanitarian commitment “.

2) Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez was admitted to a psychiatric clinic, because, after a worsening of health conditions related to lupus, she would have had an emotional breakdown . Many believe that the news of the wedding of the eternal ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber to Hailey Baldwin was aggravating the situation . “ I tried to resist and try not to disappoint you, but in the end I couldn’t take it anymore. If you are broken inside you don’t have to continue being broken, you have to go back to feeling good ”said Selena Gomez on the Ama stage .

3) Eric Dane

Eric Dane is also added to the already long list of celebrities with an addiction. The protagonist of Grey’s Anatomy , in fact, was admitted to a clinic in Los Angeles to treat a strong addiction to painkillers . Eric Dane started taking the drugs after a sports injury and hasn’t stopped since then, on the contrary, he increased the dose more and more until he became addicted.

4) Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato had already been hospitalized for an overdose but admitted that she was not yet able to control her addictions, from alcohol and drugs . A source close to the artist said: “ She wants a rehab that she doesn’t know herself so that no one knows where she is. Demi wants to be in an almost military context, where she is faced with a challenge for her personality, her body and her mind. She wants to be surrounded by an environment where her strength is tested. She believes this is the only way she can get over her bad habits. She doesn’t want to be treated with white gloves ”.

5) Kanye West

Another famous person who joins this list is Kanye West. In fact, the famous rapper had been hospitalized for too much stress after abruptly interrupting his world tour. Kanye had been hospitalized in Los Angeles with a nervous breakdown . After interrupting his Saint Pablo Tour, canceling the last 21 dates. ” He is exhausted and unable to sleep, suffers from terrible insomnia and went to the hospital of his own accord ,” a source told People.

6) Colin Farrell

A youthful depression led Colin Farrell to drug and alcohol abuse , until his family convinced him to get help. However, Colin has recently returned to rehab, this time to avoid falling back into the nightmare of addiction. In fact, the actor had not drank for 12 years in fact the actor but the fear of falling back, after a particularly stressful year, was great. For this reason, the Hollywood star would have decided to go to a clinic.

7) Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan’s life was truly an alternation between drugs, alcohol and rehabilitation clinics . In fact, she and she were one of the first stars to go to rehab from a very young age. Her addictions to her have cost her a lot of trouble with the law and in 2012 she also hit a pedestrian with her Porsche Cayennea in Manhattan for which she was arrested for leaving the scene of the accident.

8) Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst in 2008 plunged into depression . She stopped acting but managed to fight her dark enemy by taking refuge in an American clinic. “ The weight of all the professional responsibilities, for a young person like me at the time, and the effects of the constant pressure and presence of the media, suddenly fell upon me. After a few weeks of profound malaise, I took the advice of trusted relatives and friends and went to Cirque Lodge ”.

9) Demi Moore

Demi Moore had fallen into a bad depression following the breakup of her marriage to Ashton Kutcher . So the actress was admitted to a facility in Sundance in Utah (USA) to treat her eating disorders and Di lei addiction . Moore’s choice came about ten days after her collapse at a party, which led her straight to the hospital. The actress had gotten sick at a birthday party at her home in Beverly Hills and her friends had to call 911.

10) Tiger Woods

After the scandal and the millionaire divorce from his wife Elin, golf champion Tiger Woods went to the clinic to ” take the time to analyze my behaviors and actions “. In fact, due to his addiction to sex and the scandal that subsequently overwhelmed him, the former golf champion had been admitted to a Mississippi facility for sex addict, treated with personal sessions and single room.

11) Catherine Zeta Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones, has suffered the blow of the stress accumulated during the illness of her husband. Indeed, after Michael Douglas ‘ long and tiring fight against throat cancer , which he managed to defeat, the actress entered a specialized clinic to treat her bipolar depression Di lei. It was she herself who decided to hospitalize.

12) Eva Mendes

Actress Eva Mendes was also hospitalized to detoxify from alcohol abuse . Upon leaving Cirque Lodge Clinic in Utah, where she underwent therapy to combat her addiction, she said: ” I admire people who have the determination and the courage to face their demons to the point of defeating them .”

13) Ireland Baldwin

Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin ‘s daughter : Ireland Baldwin ended up in rehab. She would not seem to be for alcohol and drug abuse but for recovering from what she herself called an ” emotional trauma “. In fact, it is said that the cause of her breakdown was a romantic relationship that ended badly.

14) Zac Efron

The young actor Zac Efron, idol of girls, was unable to manage the great success of High School Musical and in 2013 he was hospitalized to detox from drugs and alcohol. As he had admitted he was a cocaine slave himself , and was hospitalized for five months in the clinic for detoxification.

15) Kate Moss

Kate Moss could not be missing from this long list. Many will remember the scandal that engulfed her over cocaine use , further mounted after the revelations of alleged lesbian orgies and sex, drug and rock ‘and’ roll parties at the model’s estate in Gloucestershire. The revelations had cost Moss the loss of three profitable contracts with H&M , Chanel and Burberry .

16) Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore could have really come to a bad end. In fact, his problem with addictions started when he was only 12 years old . The actress’s relationship with drugs and alcohol has been long and difficult but after several detox programs, the actress finally seems happy and free from all bad addictions. she newly divorced for the third time, and happy and free.

17) Sara Tommasi

Even in Italy the VIPs are not far behind. In fact, Sara Tommasi, after a long period in which not even the gossip could keep up with her, had decided to close herself in the clinic to rehabilitate herself. It was she who announced her detox period with a post on Facebook: “ Today’s stars are the ones who suffer… I go to rehab (ie to the clinic). Hello beautiful !! Will be