Although many times it is not considered as such, being a youtuber is a job on the rise, especially in the last decade . And one of the questions that no one has ever been able to answer specifically is: exactly how much does a YouTuber earn?
Like in many jobs, the content creators themselves are reluctant to reveal the exact numbers, and therefore, the numbers are difficult to estimate. , due to different factors, such as the selective advertising that the platform chooses for each type of video as well as the large number of YouTube users who block ads with third-party applications.

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Do youtubers charge per visit or per subscribers?
The truth is that payment is made by number of visits, for every thousand visits exactly. The system that the platform follows can be classified as elitist, because in order to live on it, it is necessary to have a high number of reproductions and constantly. If you don’t meet those requirements, you better consider your channel as a hobby, until you manage to grow it.
Even so, many of the “little youtubers” explain to us that in order to earn a living dedicating themselves exclusively to this activity, you need to find a company that represents you, with which you can get contracts with sponsors.

how much does youtube pay
Actually, youtube does not have a pre-established price, but as we mentioned before, you pay for every thousand views of each content creator. The most specific estimate is that YouTube pays between 20 cents and 3 euros for every thousand visits . And how is this decided?
It is decided from a pool of advertisers, in which each advertiser chooses the type of content in which he wants to participate.
From this base, we see how, obviously, the youtubers that already have the greatest number of visits are the ones that will continue to capture the greatest number of advertisers , for what we previously explained, which is an elitist system.

Youtubers’ complaints
One of the most famous youtubers in Spain, Wismichu, recently published a screenshot of YouTube’s analytical tool, with which he charged for a million views, and in between.
In a few days I’m going to Madrid, if shit shows up at your office doors let you know it was me, @YouTubeEspanol.
– Ismael Prego (@Wismichu) May 27, 2017 The platform’s content creators began their complaints in mid-2017 , due to YouTube’s new monetization policies, which caused many of they lost the money they generated from a lot of their videos. The criticisms took place since although many made family friendly content, some found their videos restricted, for no apparent reason.

What are the most paid youtubers annually?
Although in this list we find the most paid, some of them receive part of the money that appears listed as advertising contracts or television programs.

10. Rhett and Link
Rhett and Link are two friends from elementary school who had had the fame of clowns since they were little, and even at 38 and 39 years old respectively, they continue to make all their followers laugh. They are the presenters of the daily program Good Mythical Morning , where every morning they carry out experiments, interviews and all kinds of activities with which they have earned the final position on this tight list.

  • 5 million dollars, 11,545537 subscribers.

9. Colleen Ballinger
Colleen Ballinger became famous from her alter ego, Miranda Sings, a singer without any musical ear, but who believes she is destined to succeed. The American youtuber has recently started filming for the Netflix series Haters Back Off.

  • 5 million dollars, 7,359,094 subscribers.

8. German Garmendia
Although ranked number 8 on the list, German Garmendia has the account with the largest number of Spanish-speaking subscribers. In his short videos, which do not exceed 5 minutes, he tells us about everyday situations with a very characteristic humor and that has earned him the fame that he currently has.

  • $5.5 million, 30,317,411 subscribers.

7. Markiplier
Mark Fischbach occupies this seventh place with his account dedicated to the world of video games, and in which the main feature that stands out is his commentary on the games he records. The American left the biomedical medicine career to dedicate himself full time to his work as a Youtuber.

  • $5.5 million, 15,523,276 subscribers.

6. Rosanna Pansino
Rosanna Pansino is the host of the show Nerdy Nummies, where she teaches anyone to make the recipes of the most famous series and movies of our days. One of the videos of hers that made her famous was the creation of a cake in the shape of a Death Star , with which she won the hearts of Star Wars fans.

  • 6 million dollars, 7,398,450 subscribers.

5. Tyler Oakley
This 27-year-old boy gets the number 5 position on the list, with a wide range of topics. We see him from pulling pranks on celebrities to conducting interviews with Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton. The position in the ranking he has achieved thanks to the contract he signed during this year with Ellen DeGeneres , famous American presenter. Oakley is a great fighter for the rights of the LGBT community, with events where he has raised millions for the cause.

  • 6 million dollars, 8,087,829 subscribers.

The comedy duo entered YouTube in 2005, a few months after its creation, and right now they are the fourth channel with the highest billing on the platform. On his channel we can find several series and small scenes satirizing topics such as Masterchef or the Pokemon saga.

  • 7 million dollars, 22,474,510 subscribers.

3. Lily Singh
Although she started her channel as a distraction to fight her depression, India’s Lily Singh ranks third on the list with a channel full of humor and comedic scenes. The youtuber known as Superwoman is one of the great feminist figures in the world today, due to her active role in the fight for gender equality, inside and outside YouTube.

  • $7.5 million, 10,296,350 subscribers.

2. Roman Atwood
The comedian Roman Atwood occupies this second place with a channel full of humor and pranks, which some call a bit extreme, but which serve to raise 8 million dollars a year. His most famous and extreme joke was to dress up his son as Spiderman , and then drop a mannequin with the same costume from a second floor, scaring his wife to death.

  • 8 million dollars, 10,152,692 subscribers.

1. PewDiePie
Swedish Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, at 28, is the person with the most subscribers on the digital platform. His content is basically gameplays, where he shows the new games coming out as well as his favorites. In his last stage and as a result of the controversy that he starred in and for which Disney stopped sponsoring, the youtuber has begun to make more personal content, with videos about his life.

  • 15 million dollars, 58,511,868 subscribers.
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