The eyebrows are a very important part of the face, which becomes fundamental in facial expressions . In nature, there are all kinds of them: thick, thin, long, short.

However, there are people who, perhaps, are not satisfied with the gift of Mother Nature and therefore prefer to  draw them . Some doing a great job, others… a   real disaster!

It happens to be wrong to touch up the eyebrows: a moment of distraction or an error of evaluation is enough and the damage is done. How to behave?

Some girls immediately call their trusted beautician or catapult themselves, hood over their heads, into the nearest beauty center. Others don’t. They try to fix it on their own, worsening the already critical situation and finally … They take pictures as well!

But we show you 20 PHOTOS of people who have REALLY WRONG  to outline their eyebrows.

Are you ready to make fun of them all? Read on:

20) Like a nymph

Passion for Greek mythology can have unexpected consequences. With the aim of dressing up and resembling a nymph as much as possible (a minor deity of nature with the features of a girl), this girl had the wonderful idea of ​​totally shaving her eyebrows: in their place, she drew herself, by hand , two twigs of some lake plant, obtaining this splendid result. If they ever offer you a total hair removal with the use of wax, do not even think about it and run away, unless there is a problem of unsightly hair. In general, the natural shape of the eyebrows is the one you already have: more order and definition must be given thanks to the use of tweezers.It is also highly inadvisable to tattoo your eyebrows: in fact, the facial features change with age. We could then regret having done them or not like us anymore and feel out of place.

19) Were one eyebrows not enough?

You know, the first eyebrow adjustments begin to be necessary towards the onset of puberty , when adolescents begin to see themselves ugly, too fat or too thin, hairy and without curves. Thus begins an inordinate search for pencils, eye shadows, blushes, lipsticks, eye liners, tweezers, and so on and so forth, often creating real opprobrium . Who hasn’t ever gone overboard with makeup a little? The three girls above are an example: excited for the night at the club, not only have they put on too much makeup but they also drew eyebrows that make them look anything but “if * y”!

17) A somewhat risky choice

Ok, fashion has now given the green light to thick and natural eyebrows .. but this is just too much! By the way, the girl in question also looks quite pretty to us and those two thick brown lines above her eyes totally clash with the pretty features of her face. Was the photo taken for fun?

16) But who makes them leave the house in this state ?!

Also in this case we have a clear problem of thickness: with what do you draw the eyebrows, in your opinion? With a thick-tipped marker? Directly with a painter’s brush? The girl in the photo is, in general, definitely too much made up but those big pointed lines above her eyes make her definitely unwatchable! Pass!

15) Selfie with eyebrows in full view

Could the girl with the exaggerated eyebrows have taken inspiration from some cartoon? The expression looks just like that !! Apart from the obvious thickness, in fact, the black lines above the eyelids are just too arched .. So the girl seems perpetually amazed!

14) “Just (don’t) do it”

Impossible to hold back a laugh: either she has a remarkable sense of humor (senseless by the way) or we are in front of a super fan of the sports brand Nike. Drawing inspiration from the famous slogan of the latter, our comment arises spontaneously: do not do it again!

13) Too thin

We propose a collection to pay these girls an in-depth make-up course.

12) The monocle (in honor of Frida Kahlo)

Could the pencil be missing in the middle of her forehead?

11) Not having a steady hand could be a problem

No. Come on, no. If you do not have a steady hand, it is totally not recommended to draw your eyebrows!

10) A woman always surprised ^. ^

Here we even exceed the levels of number 18! The resulting expression is between surprised and disgusted.

9) Love cats… madly

She is one of our favorites! And the same girl in photo number 20 (on the second page) but, this time, she decided to surprise us with some beautiful cat-shaped eyebrows!

8) Ellipsis

Well done, ellipsis are just what we would have used after seeing your brows.

7) Reverse eyebrows

Apart from the not very smart face (which already suggests the level of intelligence of the subject), has someone told you that those black lines should not be drawn like this?

6) Double eyebrows

Here we have a failed attempt at dark makeup. Too bad he mistakenly (perhaps) drew the arch of his eyebrows twice.

5) Brows with a long-distance relationship

Ahahahahahah but what did this girl see? There is clearly too much space in the middle of the forehead! Maybe, but we’re not sure, her eyebrows had just had a fight.

4) What a fear!

This image leaves us speechless. However, it would be perfect for a horror movie.

3) A square root on the eyes

We have a math lover among us! Was she inspired by the square root shape to draw those lines over there ??

2) There is nothing worse than tattooing your eyebrows with unclear writing …

The only man in the ranking: the second place is all his for the wonderful decision to get a tattoo of writing as eyebrows. We don’t even want to imagine the pain he may have felt.

1)… Let’s take back what we just said

The gold medal of this Gallery! Heartfelt congratulations for the choice of eye makeup, for the color of the lipstick and the size of the “beauty” mole. Very fine.