Capturing the most special moments, those that seem the most fun to us or those that we want to remember over and over again has been possible for years thanks to the increased capacity of mobile phones that accompany us wherever we go. It is rare that something happens that causes a stir around us and that there is no one taking their smartphone out for a walk to immortalize the scene in a photograph or video.
However, it seems that there is a growing pathology that affects a considerable percentage of the population, characterized by the fixation of recording with the phone vertically and then not knowing how to rotate the video in question. Let’s see how we can reverse this trend in a few simple steps.

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“Vertical Video Syndrome”, the fever of those who do not know how to rotate a video
Let’s stop before to talk about a problem that many mobile phone users suffer from when it comes to recording videos.
It is well known that most of the time, the photographs are taken vertically because then, all the devices have a built-in function that allows the image to be flipped , so that the photo can be seen horizontally with great detail; and not in a smaller format in which the snapshot appears cropped by those uncomfortable black bars that surround the frame.
Unfortunately, this possibility has not yet been developed for videos. However, despite knowingthere are still people who forget this detail and activate the camera in a vertical position . This is what in many places on the Internet is already affectionately known as “Vertical Video Syndrome” (“VVS”, according to the original expression in English).
But don’t worry, if you know someone affected by this new technological fever, there is still hope, because there is a remedy that does not need a prescription and that will provide a solution to all those who do not know how to turn a video.

How to rotate a video easily
Given the worrying increase in cases of SVV, many websites have developed programs that allow you to solve this inconvenience in order to fully enjoy the recordings made with a mobile. Likewise, there are also ways to achieve it with Android and iOS, without the need for more than installing an application.

How to rotate a video using Google Photos
Originally conceived to edit all kinds of visual content, this tool will also allow us to flip the videos that we record vertically using Android.
Let’s see 5 easy steps to learn how to rotate a video using this tool:

1. Get Google Photos
If you have a last generation phone, the application will probably come installed as standard. If not, you will find it in the Play Store at a cost of 0 .

2. Video selection
When we have the video we want to see horizontally open, if we touch the screen all the editing options will be displayed.

3. Editing tools
Once we see the list of options, we will have to look for the icon represented by three small horizontal stripes at the bottom of the screen.

4. Option “Rotate”

This button will allow the file to be tilted until it is in the position we are looking for.

5.Save the modifications
We must not forget this step, because if not, we will have to repeat the entire process.

How to turn a video on iPhone
The company with the bitten apple has also provided its devices with tools with an easy design for those who want to learn how to turn a video. In this case, it will be the iMovie application (exclusive for iOS) that will allow us to flip any audiovisual document on Apple devices.
It is only about taking the video that interests us to the timeline that appears on the screen (you will know when it has happened because it will be marked with a yellow stripe).
Once it is yellow, with two fingers we can rotate the image that appears at the top, in the orientation that we want. Remember to save the progress made and you will be done.

How to rotate a video with
The online application has emerged for those who want to know how to rotate a video without having to download any tool on their phone.
In recent times, Rotatevideo has increased its popularity, thanks to its intuitive design and easy steps to flip our recordings.
It only consists of loading the file that we want in the field marked for it (from our device, if it is saved, or the URL if it is an Internet link).

Rotatevideo, a website that allows you to choose every detail
Rotatevideo will allow us not only to flip our audiovisual files, but we will also be able to choose the format we want (MPA, MKV OR M4V) and then to which side and how many degrees we want it to rotate (90, 180 or 270).
In addition, depending on the capacity of our device, we will choose to choose what quality we want it. In this way, we will have available:

  • Universal: lower quality and compression not optimized; great for any device.
  • Normal: standard quality, resists in any type of device.
  • High: optimal quality, only reserved for those top-of-the-range devices.
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