We are always ready to inform us about the latest fashion trends in terms of skirts, shorts, shirts, tops but when the time comes to combine all this with accessories .. which ones to choose ? In fact, every season has its own “fashion accessories” and therefore summer makes no difference, even more so in 2021, in which to go back to showing off and the universal rule after the bad winter months spent at home. The dress is fine, the costume is fine .. but what to associate with it? Here are ten ideas for accessories not to be missed in summer 2021 in the new post dedicated to fashion, by our portal!

Low heel

One of the first trends that we list in this post has to do with shoes , and specifically those with low heels. In fact, the shoes of summer 2021 have a low heel , are flat and almost low to the ground. On the other hand, the loss of momentum will be compensated by games of laces, beads and glitter a little everywhere.

And the heel?

It will also be granted, as long as it does not exceed a couple of centimeters and remains in a sporty version. So no stilettos, nails and toes .. or almost! See the next accessory to understand why!

Toe shoes

The tips will be there, in fact .. but on the shoes! Many shoes, even elegant ones, of this beautiful Italian season will in fact have a pointed tip, a bit like witches’ shoes!

A momentum of the foot that will also be embellished with bright colors and laces, which create patterns on the ankles. In short, the tips will be there again this year but in a different version.

Wide Mexican style hat

Forget baseball caps and lady’s caps. The trend of summer 2021 regarding accessories will be wide-brimmed hats, preferably with fringes. In short, an authentic Mexican-style hat , which enjoys a wider choice of colors for your summer days, perhaps by the sea or having fun with friends.

Fisherman’s hat

As an alternative to the Mexican-style wide hat seen before, together with the Seventies flavor, the “fisherman” hat is back . In this case it is a soft-brimmed hat, which falls down the forehead and protects from the sun just enough to avoid getting burned. Fantasies of all kinds will make it special and varied.

Seventies glasses

What will be the most popular sunglasses of summer 2021? In this case the trend tells us better if they are wide, colored, and with “tough” frames (tortoise, fake tortoise, plastic). Blue, orange, sea green goggles as our aunts used in the seventies, which once again are back in fashion and help to feel more fashionable even during the summer season.

The return of the headband

Some well-known stylists re-propose it excessively flashy and thick (shocking pink, satin effect, flowers a little everywhere). But even if you choose it simpler, it will be fine, after so many years of contempt. The headband to hold unruly hair is now also a style accessory, to be embellished as you wish and for any situation that occurs. The headband is one of the feminine must-haves about summer 2021 accessories, for her. 

The backpack

Backpacks as alternatives to bags , in the summer of 2021 it will be a great idea for everyone. Not just for teenagers. In fact, there are backpacks signed by the big fashion houses, strictly double-shoulder and with not too complicated patterns and possibly in soft colors. So as to carry everything you want with you, without being afraid of not including something important and feeling trendy at the same time. The backpack is therefore the surprise of women’s fashion summer 2021!

Flashy jewelry

Summer 2021 is also that of showy jewels .. as in the case of long and thick necklaces, eye-catching earrings, preferably pendants and very colorful, giant-sized pendants. Summer beauty accessories must shout attention! There will be no rules about it.  

Picnic baskets

As an alternative to the minimal bags described above, the Sixties style bags are back. Those in fabric, in woven fabrics, in embroidery, macrame or wicker. Bags that almost look like picnic baskets but are super trendy among girls.

Minimal mini bags

Handbags, contrary to what was said earlier about backpacks, will be mini. Small clutches, bags, buckets, almost always colored in a single color, with a few chains or studs here and there, but always to carry with one hand, for your elegant evenings or romantic encounters. Mini bags will be the rules of this Italian fashion summer.

Our post dedicated to 2021 summer accessories for her ends here. See you next time with the insights dedicated to fashion trends, always by our portal!