BTS, the South Korean band that has consolidated the success of K-Pop in the Western market, announced last Friday the release of a new album with which they promise to conquer number one in the United States again . In addition, Map of the Soul: Persona is presented with a succulent surprise, a collaboration with the British Ed Sheeran.
Already at the end of 2018, Ed Sheeran himself had announced the creation of a theme for the great global music phenomenon, the Koreans BTS, and the photo of Suga on Twitter working on a song and dedicated to Ed Sheeran triggered all expectations. of the fans of the band. Now, they confirm it with the launch of Make It Right, a song about self-improvement and love towards those who trust you in the lowest moments.

A long-awaited album with other collaborations
Since PSY paved the way for the western market for Korean music with the super hit Gangnam Style, the band BTS has been the first to reach number one in sales in the United States, with the album Love Yourself : Tears. In this new project they confirm their evolution from hip-hop to R&B and soul .
In addition, this remake of the Beatles with Asian airs announced for the new album, which is already available on all the usual streaming music platforms, other collaborations such as that of the singer Halsey. Their friendship relationship was born at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards andit has paid off on the Boy with Luv theme .
In fact, with the joint collaboration of BTS with Halsey, the boy band has achieved an all-kill, that is, a number 1 on all download sites. In addition, during the first hours of its premiere on YouTube, the song reached more than 100 million visits , which gives a good example of the expectation of the fans before the new release.

BTS, the boy band of the records that devastates Spain
In the new BTS album love predominates and there are several winks from the band to their fans, the unconditional ARMY, who have not hesitated to give their full support to the septet since they made history again by being the first Korean group to appear, this past weekend, on the American show Saturday Night Live.
Everything indicates that one of the most anticipated albums of this 2019 will break all records again, which has become a routine for this Korean pop band that, without going any further, continues to be, above Beyonce and Maluma, the artist most mentioned on Twitter in Spain . A real phenomenon.
In fact, according to the Spotify music platform, Spain is one of the countries that pays the most devotion to BTS outside the Asian market, followed by the United States, Brazil, Mexico and the United Kingdom. Among the most wanted songsare Fake Love, Wast It On Me and DNA. Just a few hours after the release, BTS was a trending topic on Twitter.