Furnishing a house by the sea means being able to give vent to one’s creativity . Not always those who begin to furnish a house by the sea have clear ideas, in fact the most common mistake that is made is precisely that of not elaborating a general idea of ​​the spaces, before starting to buy the furniture. In this regard, we recommend buying trade magazines or doing research on the web, in order to clarify the ideas on the style to use .

When furnishing a house by the sea, it is necessary to convey the idea of ​​being on a beach, so we recommend using light colors , both in the materials of the furniture and as regards the colors of the walls.

Having a reference to the sea, the sun, the sand, the wind and all the elements that characterize this world such as: anchors, photos of boats, life jackets, etc. it certainly helps even the less experienced interior designer to find the right way to best express the marine environment. In addition, linen and cotton fabrics, with white and blue striped colors, lamps, objects that recall the marine environment, etc. they offer many possibilities of declination and in addition they can be placed in any room of the house.

It goes without saying that when in doubt, it is advisable to focus on simplicity, in fact the new trends in design furniture aim to insert a few elements with soft lines and light colors.

Some precautions must also be taken in the choice of furniture, for example if you are near sandy beaches it is better to choose furniture with high feet in order to facilitate the cleaning of the floor. The style to be preferred for the interior and certainly the shabby chic , in fact, being tending to the natural, it maintains the right balance between simple and refined.

It is always a good idea to enrich the furniture with DIY objects, inserting creations made with sand, wood collected on the beach consumed by the sea, old oars to hang on the walls, etc. in short, with these things you can let your imagination travel and make your house very welcoming.

For your bedroom always use the same common thread regarding fabrics, in fact having continuity, such as a cushion that recalls the fabric used in the living room, or a carpet with the same pattern as the sofa cover, can give an added value to the whole your project. Use glass elements, such as colored bottles or wicker elements for chandeliers and abatjours, to bring lightness to the environment.

Of course, given our summer stay in this type of house, the garden is obviously not to be underestimated , as the usability of the outdoor spaces gives our body and mind moments of absolute relaxation.

If you are lucky and have a large garden, you can indulge yourself by inserting rattan tables and chairs , umbrellas to create shaded areas and of course you cannot miss a splendid hammock able to give you moments of pure pleasure. If, on the other hand, you do not have large spaces, surely you will have to choose the garden set more wisely, because you could find yourself with products that are too bulky or unwieldy and would make the use of your spaces much more difficult.