Ard Gelinck is a Dutch artist who had a truly unique idea on his Instagram profile. In fact, he imagined that actors and singers would meet themselves younger , all obviously thanks to a skilful use of Photoshop.

As Ard himself told Bored Pandathe ‘Then and Now’ series is quite old “. The first work dates back to more than 10 years ago , but only ” 5 years ago I took photos of some Dutch celebrities and they were a success, so I started working on foreign characters too “. The first celebrity was Madonna who, to Ard’s surprise, ” shared her image on her Instagram profile . Since then, many other celebrities re-shared or commented on their edited photos.

Now he has more than 280,000 followers on his Instagram , while the number of photoshopped images is almost incalculable. The Bored Panda site estimates more than 140 , but scrolling through her profile it is almost impossible to get to the end of the more than 4000 posts she has published, including personal images.

Let’s find out together the 10 stars who met the younger version of themselves!

Jennifer Aniston

What can I say, Jennifer Aniston is one of the most known and appreciated stars by the general public and it often happens that she too appears in this type of work, this case is no exception! Her plunge into the past and also one of the most successful photomontages of all, we see in fact the little Jennifer with her arms around the neck of herself as an adult . To say with certainty that it is an edited photo would be almost impossible if we were not aware of it.

Jack Nicholson

This photomontage is part of a distinct category of Ard Gelinck’s work. In fact, unlike Aniston, the 80-year-old actor poses alongside himself in his most famous portrayal of himself, that of Jack Torrance in Kubrick’s horror masterpiece, The Shining . Almost 10 years after his abandonment of the scenes, seeing Nicholson embracing himself as Torrance is a real blast from the past in all respects.

Henry Thomas

Henry Thomas ‘ is a ” Then and now ” of the category in which the actor poses with his most famous part. In this case we are obviously talking about the ET movie – the extraterrestrial , where Thomas played Elliot , the boy who rescues and befriends the alien creature. Plus, Ard Gelinck didn’t just put the two versions of the actor together, he also added ET in the same pose as the adult actor !

Barack Obama

So far we have talked about actors and musicians but the artist Ard Gelinck has also dealt with other important figures in his work. In fact, the photomontage also touched the former President of the United States Barack Obama , on the occasion of his last birthday! The image that came out looks to all intents and purposes one of the photos taken during presidential visits to American schools , with a young Barack smiling but also a little in awe.

Amy Winehouse

As mentioned, actors, former presidents, sportsmen and musicians. The first we see is Amy Winehouse, in fact one of the most important voices in the music of 2000 . With only two albums she has been able to carve out a respectable position in the contemporary music scene. She died at the age of 28, leaving a great void, and just to commemorate her memory, Ard Gelinck published this photomontage with a little Amy in a classical ballerina pose complete with a tutu.

Michael Jackson

Let’s follow in the wake of the musicians photoshopped by Ard Gelinck for a moment, moving on to the one who has been defined by both critics and fans as the “King of Pop”, Michael Jackson . A career that started very early, more than 13 albums and the largest number of awards ever given to a musician. Over the course of his career he has faced several changes on a physical and stylistic level, Ard’s photomontage retraces the most iconic , again to commemorate him on the occasion of his death.

Johnny Depp

How do you decide which is the most iconic character played by Johnny Depp? Between slightly played pirate captains, crazy barbers, extravagant chocolatiers and mad hatters? And almost impossible given that all of Depp’s parts became famous thanks to her great acting skills of him. Surely, Ard did not find the answer who, on the occasion of his birthday as the actor, re-proposed the 6 most famous interpretations, from Sweeney Todd to Captain Jack Sparrow ..

Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom

After Barack Obama, it would be almost unfair to ignore Queen Elizabeth II , the current reigning monarch in the United Kingdom. She and she ascended the throne by birthright in 1952, at the age of 26 , and today she is the longest-running monarch in UK history. On the occasion of her birthday Di lei Ard Gelinck has published a photomontage where the 26-year-old Queen is seen next to herself 68 -year-old , both in royal pose.

Henry Winkler

For the younger ones his name may mean nothing, but Henry Winkler was one of the iconic actors of the 70s and 80s. His masterful portrayal of neighborhood handsome Fonzie in Happy Days still makes him a hugely popular actor today , even if his career hasn’t guaranteed him many other major roles. In Ard Gelinck’s photo, Arthur Fonzarelli has an arm on Winkler’s shoulder and, looking at her, one wonders if at 75 his fist is still able to restart Arnold’s jukebox.

Robin Williams

We close this roundup with one of the nicest, best and most appreciated actors ever . Almost 70 years after her birth and, sadly, 6 years after her disappearance, the name of Robin Williams rings familiar to everyone’s ears . On the occasion of his birthday, Ard Gelinck dedicated a photomontage to him in which the young Williams is standing smiling with his hands on his shoulders at the age of 60.