It is well known that particular care and attention is always dedicated to home furnishing trends .

Often, however, we tend to see the bathroom as a “service” room that does not deserve the attention dedicated to the most “noble” rooms in the house, such as the kitchen, living room, bedroom or study.

However, it is important that the bathroom is also furnished with care and respects the style of the house , or that it is in contrast, why not!

The important thing is to give him the same attention and that, in the end, we like him. So let’s discover all the bathroom trends, useful for making it a jewel of the house.

The tub and the shower

Despite in recent years the shower is the master for its unquestionable comfort, the bathtub is an element that will hardly be able to set: in fact, it is not lacking in the 2019 bathroom trends.

The tub is now considered no longer a cumbersome bathroom toilet necessary to be able to wash (for that now there is a comfortable shower), but a place of relaxation, in which to take refuge after a long day. Therefore, the bathtub itself becomes a design element , which with its beauty, the clean and sober shapes in vogue in 2019 helps to immerse us in a world of tranquility. Furthermore, if a very large bathroom was once needed to accommodate the tub, today this is no longer the case, given the wide choice of small bathtubs that can be found on the market, even in the field of hydromassage.

In the bathroom trends for 2019, even the shower begins to go beyond mere functionality. In fact, the market offers us increasingly “ design ” shower enclosures and luxurious, slim shower trays composed of natural but elegant materials, such as stone, also in vogue for coverings.

The sink and the bathroom fixtures

The bathroom trends for 2019, as regards sinks, are aligned with what has already been seen for some years, that is the sink that is not built-in, but countertop. There are numerous styles and shapes that the consumer can choose: round, oval, square or irregular, composed of the most disparate materials, such as ceramic, stone or solid surface.

There is also no shortage of colored sinks , which deviate from the traditional white.

For sanitary ware, the trend is to simplify them, making them elegant and essential elements. The simplification of the sanitary lines, such as the elimination of the internal edge of the toilet, also allows an improvement in hygiene. The simplicity of the sanitary fixtures gives the environment a cleaner and more modern look, as does the tendency to use wall-mounted sanitary ware today.

The taps

The world of bathroom taps is tinged with black, but also white is a very popular color.

Black is now seen no longer as one of the classic chrome plating available, but as a design color, which gives the bathroom modernity and elegance. Among the 2019 bathroom trends, the desire to make the faucet not only a necessary element, but also a decorative one continues. The finish of the materials therefore helps: the most in vogue and certainly the opaque one.

The matt black (or white) faucet is an element that, thanks to its simplicity and versatility, adapts to all styles.

The coatings

It is in this sector that the greatest innovation for bathroom trends can be observed.

Especially as regards the colors, which in the past were mainly blue, white and green .

In 2019, on the other hand , pink dominates , a color that is rarely associated with the bathroom. The shades chosen are usually antique pink or pastel pink, to give the bathroom a serene and relaxing atmosphere.

As for the coatings, on the other hand, stone and wood are depopulated which, as natural and sober coatings, are timeless classics. However , tiles are also back in vogue , albeit in a different guise. It is in fact fashionable to cover the bathroom with coordinated tiles , no longer all the same as the taste of the past required.

Often the manufacturers already take care of combining different tiles, to facilitate the choice of the consumer.

You can combine different shapes, colors, sizes and finishes, to give the bathroom a cheerful and carefree touch.

The colors chosen are, in addition to pink, pastel colors that recall nature. Also in vogue are decorated tiles , perhaps hand-painted, used in certain sections of the cladding.