It can be said that we know VIPs well but have you ever wondered what their mothers are like ? How old are they and would you be able to recognize them? Some of them look a lot like their children and in some cases they look like brothers or sisters.

It will be thanks to genetics or some aesthetic touch-up but the fact remains that the mothers of VIPs are very beautiful women , even though they are no longer very young.

Many of these mothers worked, before their children, in the world of entertainment and some, despite the distance from this world, still feel the need to appear.

Have you ever seen the mother of the beautiful Brad Pitt ? How old is Kim Kardashian ‘s mother who looks younger than her daughter? These and other mothers of many famous people will finally have a face.

Let’s find out what the mothers of these 17 VIPs are like. The article continues>

17) Paris Hilton and mom

Let’s start the mothers roundup with a blonde and beautiful like their daughter. We know almost everything about Paris Hilton very well . His vices, his dogs and his friendships are always in the spotlight but what do we know about the mother of the young and rich heiress? Paris’s mother, who looks a lot like her, is called Kathy and has Italian descent. Blond hair, same smile and same desire to appear. Ms. Hilton, born in 1959 , now a fashion designer , had previously worked in the world of cinema and a few years ago she had returned to tread the scenes for a cameo in the film Tropic Thunder . Also, during the time of the school, she met Michael Jackson and they remained linked by her onedeep friendship until the singer’s death in 2009.

16) Beyonce and Mom

Beyonce, once again the mother of two splendid twins, is one of the most followed and most acclaimed stars in the world. Very close to her family of origin, for her wedding she had even worn a dress designed by her mother Tina Knowles and to celebrate her wedding it was the same pastor who officiated the rite of her sister Solange and before her that of the her mother. Beyonce’s mom, born in 1954 , is an American businesswoman and fashion designer known for her Di lei Dereon and Miss Tina brands .

15) Asia Argento and her mother

Maybe the name doesn’t tell you much, but Daria Nicolodi was the dizzy journalist in the cult horror Profondo Rosso, directed by Dario Argento. The story between the two led to the birth of Asia, actress and director. The two actresses get along very well and it is not uncommon to see them hanging out together.

14) Brad Pitt and his mother

Same smile and same eyes for the mother of the inimitable Brad Pitt . Ms. Jane Etta Pitt is very attached to her son and she has been very close to her in moments of crisis during the separation from Angelina Jolie . In fact, Brad, who has been through moments of hard despair, called his mother on the phone every day to let off steam and cry a little. After all, the mother is always the first to ask for help.

13) Britney Spears and her mother

Difficult relationship but great resemblance between Spears and her mother. In fact, in one of her songs, Britney sang to ” Mom I’m not your ATM “. This statement leaves very little doubt about the feelings that exist between the two. Obviously, Lynne Irene Bridges , born in 1955 , did not miss the opportunity to respond in kind to her daughter, revealing that the young woman would start her addiction to drugs and alcohol very soon.

12) Raoul Bova and his mother

Ms. Rosa Bova is considered by her son (and by now also by the fans) the “Rock mom”, as you can see from the photo taken while riding a motorcycle. The actor talks about her mother always with a smile on her lips. “The mother is the love of my life”, he writes on social media.

11) Tom Cruise and Mom

Probably Tom ‘s athletic physique and also thanks to the example he had at home. In fact, his mother is a physical education teacher . Mrs. Mary Lee , maiden name Pfeiffer, looks a lot like her son. Dry physique and very happy big eyes. After all, she has a son that all mothers would be proud of.

10) Albano and his mother

The mother is always the mother, and that of Albano is always present in the stories of the son and ex-wife Romina Power, very close to her mother-in-law. The singer is so attached to his mother Iolanda Ottino that he wants to dedicate a documentary about her life to her: “He is an incredible character, I hope he lives beyond the admissible, and like her many other people who live a life worthy of being shown”.

9) Carla Bruni and her mother

The third wife of the former President of the French Republic Nicolas Sarkozy , and one of the top models who have remained in history for her elegance and class. Family inheritance. In fact, Carla Bruni ‘s mother has the same gaze as the former former premiere dame. Marisa Borini was born in Turin in 1930 and is a pianist and actress .

8) George Clooney and his mother

The beautiful actor who, at the age of 55, has finally become a father, has a truly fascinating mother. Nina Bruce , born in 1939 , is a former miss of beauty pageants and has not lost her elegance to this day. Very attached to her son George of hers it was she who confirmed the rumors about the twin pregnancy of Clooney’s wife.

7) Valeria Marini and her mother

The showgirl is very attached to her mother Gianna Orru, who followed her on her television journey until she peeps out of it herself in 200. Valeria prefers to call her “Wonder Woman”, perhaps for all that this woman is able to do. “We are not alike, but we have a strong character and we respect each other,” said the mother.

6) Gwyneth Paltrow and mom

Gwynet Paltrow ‘s mother is no less charming and talented than her daughter . Blythe Katherine Danner , born in 1943 and a highly regarded American actress . In fact, her career has been awarded with 2 Emmy Awards and a Tony Award .

5) Jennifer Lopez and her mom

The mother of singer and actress Jennifer Lopez is called Guadalupe and unlike previous mothers, her life has always been dedicated to family and home. She is a housewife , a simple woman who has given her daughter the same contagious smile as hers.

4) Leonardo DiCaprio and his mother

Idyllic relationship and evident similarity between Leonardo DiCaprio and his mother. The actor said he was very attached to her and owed her a lot. Irmelin Indenbirken , born in Germany in 1943 , is certainly a lucky mother.

3) Alessandro Borghese and his mother

The Italian chef is very fond of his mother, the beautiful actress of German origin Barbara Bouchet, but he accuses her of one thing: he eats very little! Only salads and light dishes. “For mom I don’t cook anymore, I cooked once when I was a child but she always ate little! So now I cook for my wife and my two beautiful daughters ”.

2) Justin Timberlake and mom

Also in this case the similarity is present. Mrs. Lynn Bomar Harless and the mother of singer and actor Justin Timberlake . Lynn was born in 1961 and like her son she also works in the entertainment world, as an actress and producer .

1) Kim Kardashian and her mother

More than mother and daughter they look like two sisters . About some beauty secrets? In any case, Kris Jenner , born in 1955 has nothing to envy to her daughter Kim Kardashian . Here are revealed the beautiful moms of these 12 VIPs.