Welcome to all of you fashion and lifestyle lovers. For today’s topic we want to go back to talking about foreign models , and specifically we will show you which are the most famous and sought after French models of the moment. These are faces of disarming beauty, which for their shapes and professionalism have convinced the most famous fashion houses to choose them for their fashion shows and for their advertising campaigns.

Why are French women so beautiful?

The beauty of French women usually lies in the “pout” . Kevin Kline said it in the famous comedy film French Kiss , enhancing with a perplexed Meg Ryan that seductive attitude of the French girls who love to be pampered with the little faces that make them even more beautiful . And maybe it’s a trick that French models also use.

Beyond the stereotypes, the French model really has a particular beauty . A beauty that is the result of a cultural mix that nevertheless never leaves out elegance, harmony in the movements. Seeing them parade is always a great experience.

French models: the most famous in the world

Are you ready to find out which are the most famous faces made in France ? Keep reading our post!

Thylane Blondeau

The big blue eyes of this beautiful girl, not yet twenty (born in 2001), are the French beauty brand of 2019. On the catwalks since she was three, Thylane was chosen by Jean Paul Gaultier, looking for children to open her runway shows in 2005 and has been a career on the rise ever since. Today she is considered one of the most beautiful models in the world. You also have a film to your credit: Belle & Sebastien – The adventure continues in 2015.

Louise Follain

She too very young, just 19 years old, hits the catwalks for her soap and water look, for her intense but simple features. Chanel and Vogue compete for her very elegant style. A French model who will make a lot of talk about herself in the near future!

Source: Instagram


Pauline Hoarau

This French model was born in 1994 and comes from the island of Reunion. With her ethnic beauty, on the face of an eternal child, Pauline is among the most requested by fashion houses, not only in France.

In her career in fashion, she modeled for Ralph Lauren, Armani and H&M. She also posed for the covers of Elle.

Gabrielle Caunesil

This transalpine model has made a breakthrough in fashion thanks to her beauty, her posture but also her ability to get noticed on social media. In fact Gabrielle is also a French influencer , who with her Instagram profile has over 1 million followers. Stylists – especially those who produce lingerie – are crazy about her!


Ophelie Guillermand

A seductive but simple beauty also that of Ophelie, which allowed her to conquer the covers of Vogue. Born in 1994, at the age of 18 she left her small town in the Alps to fly to New York where she walked for Prada, Versace, Dior and Klein.

Cindy Bruna

Exotic beauty that of this French girl of Italian origins (the mother of pear and Congo). A face much appreciated by H & M, she was able to model for several designers of the best European fashion. He lives and works in New York. He also parades for the well-known lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret.

Taylor Lashae

The mature Taylor (born in Texas in 1988) boasts a French father and an American mother, and with dual nationality she was able to make a great career both at home, in Paris, and in New York.

Source: Instagram

Camille Rowe

Born in 1990 in Paris, with an aristocratic face and blond hair, Camille Rowe has now become the face of Elle, Vogue and Marie Claire. Her refined beauty adapts to any outfit with extreme naturalness. She is one of the most beautiful French models in the world.


Aymeline Valade

She is also a mature top model, born in 1984, but still in the rankings because she is considered, and rightly so, a super top model according to almost all the fashion houses in the world.

Themodulor, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons


Chloe Mortaud

A native of the Pyrenees (1989) with clear African-American origins, the beautiful Chloe represents one of the most versatile faces on the French fashion scene today.

Source: Instagram

Laetitia Casta

Laetitia Casta is a French super top model no longer very young (born in 1978), but who could not miss in the ranking of the most important French top models . Thanks to a perfect outfit and a breathtaking body, Laetitia started showing at the age of 15, when she was discovered by a photographer while she was on vacation with her family in Corsica. Since then she has been the protagonist of many fashion shows, commercials, and has also participated in the Sanremo Festival. She is a former historian of Stefano Accorsi (with whom she also had two children), in her career she has also acted in some comedies at the cinema.

Charlotte of Calypso

Charlotte di Calypso , born Charlotte Beillard, is a French model born in Lille in 1990. She made her fashion debut in 2005 by winning the Elite Model Look international competition, later making her debut in Milan on the catwalk for Prada. In her modeling career, she has paraded for the most important fashion houses in the world and thanks to her graceful shapes and Nordic beauty, she is considered by many of her to be one of the most beautiful transalpine models of the moment.