After the arrival in bookstores of the latest book by the great writer Stephen King (titled ‘The Institute’, officially published just a few days ago, specifically on September 10, 2019), we have learned that another of his novels ‘The Stand’ ( ‘Apocalypse’) is on its way to becoming a television series .
It will come from the hand of CBS, it will have a total of 10 episodes and it will come from the hand of Josh Boone (‘Under the same star’) and Ben Cavell (writer of some episodes of ‘SEAL Team’ and ‘Homeland’, among others ).
On the other hand, we have also known some of the actors who will participate in the cast of the series.(‘True Blood’ or ‘Big Little Lies’), winner of an Emmy and a Golden Globe, as well as James Marsden (’27 Dresses’, ‘The Box’ or ‘A friend for Frank’).

More signings to complete the cast of ‘The Stand’
But these have not been the only signings that will be part of the cast. And it is that as the weeks progress we are also discovering more actors who will participate in the new television series based on a novel by the writer Stephen King.

This is the case of the great Whoopi Goldberg, who will play the role of Mother Abagail, the leader of the ‘good’ survivors who claims to be a true prophet of God; Amber Heard (‘Aquaman’) in the role of Nadine Cross, a private school teacher who has a crush on Randall Flagg, Glen Bateman played by Greg Kinnear (‘The Twilight Zone’), Henry Zaga (‘The New Mutants’ ) as Nick Andros and finally to Odessa Young (‘Wild Nation’) as Frannie Goldsmith.

Synopsis of ‘The Stand’
We must remember that Stephen King’s novel places us in a post-apocalyptic future, in which the forces of ‘good and evil’ have been in battle for many years. The fate of the planet depends entirely on Mother Abigail (Whoopi Goldberg), a 108-year-old woman.
However, they will have to face the villain of Randall Flagg , who harbors great powers and will not hesitate to use them in order to hunt them down.
Stephen King’s ‘Apocalypse’ | Editorial DeBolsillo
As we have told you, we have learned that James Marsden will play the role of Stu Redman, a former soldier immune to the virus, who found patient zero in the original quarantine zone, but never ended up getting sick. In this way, the government needs him to try to find a vaccine for the virus with his own blood.
For now there is no more information about it. Although it is appreciated, yes, that CBS itself has offered some information about the cast that will be part of the film, for the moment there are no more details.
Thus, for example, an official release date is unknown , although it is foreseeable that we will be able to see the series on television screens at some point in the next year 2020. Although the usual thing, once a certain television production is announced, is that it does not delayed so long as to arrive in 2021.

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