If you could choose your new boyfriend , most women would answer like this: tall, blond and blue-eyed… And then your new him ends up being dark, belly-bellied and full of tattoos.

However, it seems that there are characteristics common to all men that are more liked by women than others. For example, muscles, manicured hands are both synonyms of a person who takes care of his body and with whom it will be easier to fall in love.

Personality and both physical and behavioral qualities are all characteristics that, taken carefully into consideration, outline the appearance and character of the “perfect” man .

Obviously, each preference is strictly personal , but some common characteristics can be identified that would seem more attractive than others. A smile, a sense of humor, and why not, money, can all be good reasons to be attracted to a man.

10) The economic possibilities

Let’s start this ranking with the unromantic and very venal feature of money . Because, if it is true that you can live as well as two hearts and a hut, why not do it in a super penthouse. Don’t lie to yourself, how many times have you thought about finding a well-off partner with whom to eliminate financial problems, even if they are small? It is no coincidence that the evolutionary psychologist , David Buss , in his study of women from 37 different cultures, highlighted how many of them prefer a rich man.

9) Tattoos, piercings and scars

By now the tattoos and piercings on your boyfriend are no longer afraid of introducing him to his parents, in fact the mother also likes them a lot! Yes, because after years of perfection and care of the male body, let’s face it, we were a little tired. Agree not always seem wrinkled, but occupying the bathroom more than us women, began to be unsustainable. And then better rough and fascinating . Because if piercings and tattoos are a matter of choice, the scars give that courageous man flavor that fascinates us women a lot.

8) Sense of humor

Life is beautiful and you have to laugh and not be satisfied with smiling. Because having fun and returning as children is more beautiful if done together. A sulky man who is always sad and furrowed is certainly not part of the top ten of the most desired men in the world. It is no coincidence that many comedy VIPs, a little ugly, are happily married to super charming women . To steal a woman’s heart, just make her laugh!

7) The muscles

You can continue to convince yourself that you like bacon, crafty ones! And then, in the end, men who spend a few hours in the gym are delighted to see . We certainly do not want the man all muscles and no brains, but a nice toned body and always a satisfaction for the eyes of the beholder.

6) Trust

Without trust, you can’t even start a relationship. The sense of protection associated with the unconditional trust of one’s partner are the fundamental elements to make us capitulate in earnest. Falling in love with butterflies, libertines leads to nothing, if not to suffer again for a relationship destined to end soon.

5) Social intelligence

Even though it may seem like a minor detail, knowing how to behave in the face of new situations, even unpleasant ones, and in the face of new friendships is one of the characteristics that most women like. In fact, the perfect companion will be the one who will be able to keep calm and snatch a smile with a joke even in front of strangers, immediately creating harmony .

4) The sensual voice

You may have missed it, but it is really a noteworthy detail. The voice of a man , if deep, gives the feeling of serenity and sensuality to every moment lived together. Conversely, a shrill voice could have the power to ruin the most beautiful magical moment.

3) The attentions

Sometimes an unexpected thought , a kind gesture and what we need to make us understand the feelings of our partner. A flower, a simple caress are small things that make a relationship great and keep it alive.

2) The smell

How nice is it to feel wrapped in his embrace and smell his skin ? The sense of smell, in fact, is one of the most sensitive and capable of creating an olfactory feeling immediately.

1) The height

A saying goes: height half beauty , who does not know him? In this case, the tall man is always synonymous with safety and protection … And he doesn’t make us give up on high heels!