In shape for the summer: this is the primary goal of every person when the costume rehearsal approaches . And if you are not yet back in shape to perform on the beach with your sculpted and toned bodies, these are the last days to try the impossible . But once you have the ideal shape, you shouldn’t let yourself go to summer whims. So here are some ideas to get back in shape now and for the whole period of the “catwalks on the sea”.

Remember, however, that along with physical exercise it is very important to follow a correct and balanced diet , useful for losing the excess kgs accumulated in these winter months.

Warm up

Before starting any exercise, it is always important to loosen the body and make it supple. So a walk, even on the spot, or a jog – at home, in the garden, in the neighborhood – will serve to prepare the body for the work that will come later. Never miss this part before each workout.


The Squat is one of the most suitable exercises for firming thighs, hips and buttocks. He starts with his legs apart, with his arms forward and makes the act of sitting down by bending his knees but without getting too low. He stops us in the middle for a couple of seconds and then goes up again.

You can repeat the exercise in two or three series, of 10 or 15 depending on the resistance.

Push Up – Pushups

Whether you want to call it push-ups or push-ups, in the Italian style, the meaning does not change. You start in a stretched position, belly down, supporting yourself on your toes and with your hands placed on the floor. Then you go down to rest your chest on the ground to get up immediately after leveraging on your toes.

It is repeated in series, according to the resistance of each one.


Starting from a standing position, with one leg in front of the other, well apart. He kneels there , first on one and then on the other knee, eventually returning to the raised position.

Hard, but very effective exercise on the legs and buttocks.


It strengthens the abs, arms, legs and buttocks and therefore is a complete exercise. In this case, the same position as the push-up is used but with the entire forearm resting on the ground. Support yourself, lift yourself up, leveraging your elbows and arms for 30 seconds at a time. 

Every 30 seconds we rest for a minute and repeat.

Abdominal muscles

There are several series of abdominals, the most famous and the most effective are certainly the crunches . It starts from lying down, arms folded and hands next to the ears (or behind the neck). You raise yourself with the shoulders and the legs at the same time, bringing the knees to the chest. Then you go back lying down.

You can repeat the sequence for 10, 20 or 30 times depending on the resistance, with a couple of minutes of rest between one and the other.

Another useful set of abdominals is the cross crunch , which involves the same movement but bringing one knee closer to the opposite elbow, alternating.

Final stretch

Finally, never forget to always stretch. These are exercises aimed at stretching and loosening contracted muscles after exertion. Stretching is essential to avoid being sore the next day.

There are several stretching exercises, just search for the entry on Google to have a wide choice.

With these few but functional exercises but repeating daily we are sure that, combined with a low-calorie diet, they will allow you to get back in shape for the summer and shining again at the sea.