Securing their homes is an essential priority for many. Anti -theft systems are different and all have peculiarities that make them more or less suitable for various needs: a small apartment, a multi-storey villa and even an outdoor area must all be adequately protected. 

To do this, state-of-the-art devices have now been designed such as, for example, the anti- theft device , made with the best technologies available on the market.

How the anti-theft device works

To get an exhaustive overview of all the strengths of this solution, we examined the anti-theft device on the Aura Sicurezza website , a leading company in the sector that, for more than thirty years, has been presenting innovative security systems on the market , designed for any kind of context.

First of all, it should be noted that unlike traditional burglar alarms, which emit very loud sounds to “sound the alarm”, the solutions that exploit fog technology are silent and extremely effective : in fact, they let out a particular dense fog that prevents malicious people to commit thefts due to lack of visibility. 

All this is made possible by the sensors , sensitive only to “suspicious” movements and which therefore will not trigger the alarm due to a gust of wind or the movement of a pet: this aspect is very important to avoid any false alarm. 

Inside a tank is inserted a completely non-toxic liquid  which is therefore absolutely harmless both for people and for plants and animals: the fog , which is created thanks to a predisposed system, is dry, so it does not damage fabrics or objects with the humidity but will completely cover the view depending on the adjustment of the dedicated nozzles. In this sense, it is possible to direct them to a well-defined area or to make them cover an entire room.

Like any device, the anti-theft device is also equipped with small slots for the passage of air but are positioned in such a way that they cannot allow any tampering from the outside, usually thanks to their inclination of about 45 degrees.

The best models are those that can also be managed remotely, via mobile apps that “communicate” with the internal computer of the burglar alarm and allow you to check that the device is on and in operation, remotely providing otherwise.

Another essential peculiarity is that which concerns the autonomy of the appliance: it can happen, in fact, that following breakdowns or strong storms the current fails but this will not compromise the functionality of the alarm, which will always be ready to intervene. in case of necessity.

The style of the anti-theft device

A fog alarm can be installed either alone or as a complement to an existing system and will still be effective. 

The greatest advantage is that to have it at home you do not need to provide particularly difficult connections or even masonry work, so everything will be resolved in a very simple operation , even if it must be performed by expert personnel in the sector.

On an aesthetic level, in addition to the almost invisible grates that make it unassailable from the outside, this type of anti-theft device can also be extremely thin: this allows it to be placed in any corner and will remain discreet or invisible. If, on the other hand, you wish to blend it in with the surrounding environment , customizations are sometimes provided that make it appear as one with the wallpaper or the wall on which it is placed: you can even emulate marble or wood. 

On the contrary, you can decide to highlight it by choosing fluorescent or very bright colors. The rounded shape will help to make this object pleasant as if it were a kind of ornament that creates design and also sets a trend.

In general, before proceeding with the purchase of a fog generator, an inspection may be required aimed at evaluating, together with the experts, the spaces to be protected so as to even decide whether to install more than one. Many companies, such as the aforementioned Aura, also allow you to have a free trial at home to decide in peace.