Preparations are underway for the marriage between Filippa Lagerback and Daniele Bossari. Finally the two will soon get married in a dream location, where nature will be the romantic setting.

To make everything more special and unforgettable, they hired a very famous and highly experienced weddin planner . Nothing has been left to chance for the most important day in the life of these two deeply in love VIPs.

They met very young and have never left each other since. She was beautiful and immediately won Daniele’s heart, who finally asked her to become her wife by getting on her knees.

An intimate ceremony in which, in addition to the couple’s friends and relatives, there will be many famous people and the participation of a super guest star is expected . But who will be the witnesses? Where will the reception take place? Who will be the bridesmaid?

Let’s find out together the 10 rumors about the marriage of Filippa Lagerback and Daniele Bossari:

1) The location of the wedding

The location to celebrate the wedding day with friends and relatives are the Ville Ponti di Varese. The couple would have chosen this magical and peaceful place precisely because they live in the area. In this place surrounded by greenery there are three ancient residences with a centuries-old park of 56,000 square meters.

2) The bridesmaid

Daniele and Filippa have a daughter named Stella . The girl, now a teenager, showed herself to the television audience when she unexpectedly entered the Big Brother VIP house and tenderly hugged her father. The young woman, on the day of her parents’ wedding, will have a very important role. In fact, she will be the bridesmaid .

3) The wedding planner

For a VIP wedding, an equally famous wedding planner could not be missing. The task of organizing Filippa and Daniele’s dream wedding was entrusted to Enzo Miccio . The famous wedding planner followed every detail of the wedding. The ceremony will be simple but very elegant but nothing will be left to chance.

4) The live proposal

Daniele Bossari asked his future wife, Filippa Lagerback , on her knees, in front of the Italian public to marry him. In fact, the proposal arrived live on television at the end of November, when Daniele participated as a competitor in the Big Brother Vip . A truly romantic and difficult to forget scene for the two protagonists.

5) The wedding witnesses

Who will be the wedding witnesses of Filippa and Daniele? For the groom it will be the actor Lorenzo Flaherty , who has become a great friend of the future husband thanks to the participation in the reality show of Big Brother VIP. This proposal also arrived during a live TV but in the program L’isola dei Famosi , in which Bossari was a columnist. Instead, Filippa’s witnesses will be: Monica Schloss and Barbara Snellensburg .

6) The wedding date

The marriage proposal came after many years. In fact, the future spouses have now been a steady couple for 18 years . In fact, they met when they were very young, when she was a model and he worked for MTV . After a long wait, the first date for the wedding seemed to be set for June 8th but, subsequently, it was brought forward to the 1st of the month.

7) The wedding guests

The people invited to the VIP wedding would be around 250 . Among the guests there will be friends and relatives of the couple but there may also be other colleagues of Daniele del Grande Fratello VIP , in addition to the witness. Among the ascertained presences it seems to participate: Raffaello Tonon , Luca Onestini and Ilary Blasy with her husband Francesco Totti .

8) The most important guest

But who will be the real guest star of that day? But who but the 4-legged house Bossari. His name is Whiskey and he is a cocker spaniel who has lived with them for 4 years. Loving it as a real member of the family, you cannot miss the wedding day of its owners.

9) The theme

The wedding day is always a fairytale moment and even in this wedding a pinch of fairytale sweetness could not be missing. In fact, the theme chosen by the couple is that of Alice in Wonderland . All revisited with a pinch of modernity and irony to make every moment truly unforgettable.

10) The wedding rings

According to some rumors, the rings, which will seal the union between Daniele and Filippa, will be in white , pink and yellow gold . Contrary to what is customary to do, the wedding rings will not be presented on the ring holder but on a saucer. The marriage will be celebrated with a civil ceremony.